5 Reasons You Should Be Hiring Locally


If you own a business, you might be trying to hire new staff or employees, you should consider searching locally before casting your net to the surrounding areas or overseas. It might be a long search to find qualified candidates in your area, but in the long run, it could be worth the extra effort. Here are a few ways that hiring locally could benefit your business. 

1. Easier Interview Process

While the internet has made it possible to interview job candidates who live all around the world, it hasn’t found a foolproof way to truly vet someone before hiring them onto your team. If getting a personal and accurate impression of candidates is important to you, hiring locally will make that process easier. It’s a lot like finding court reporters Portland Oregon. It’s a lot easier for candidates to stretch the truth on their resumes or applications if they’ll never be seen in person or expected to represent themselves accurately.

Plus, the whole process will be faster and easier if your candidates are within driving distance. And the chances that your new hires will be connected to you or your business in some way are a lot greater if they live nearby. A candidate that knows your business and has a commitment to the local economy may end up being a standout employee in the long run. 

2. More Networking Options

By hiring locally, you’ll be creating a network of employees who are connected in various ways to other local businesses. Your employees will have leads on potential candidates to fill positions when they open up and might have a foot in the door for industries you’re interested in exploring. Eventually, you’ll have every local connection you might need, plus employees who are more involved in the process themselves.

3. Easier Onboarding Process

Beyond the hiring process, getting a new employee settled into the office and into their new position can be tricky. If the new hire is moving for the job, they’ll also be getting used to the area and might be preoccupied with the process of moving. Plus, if the employment ends up not working out for whatever reason, it puts extra pressure on both parties if the new hire has had to move for work.

If the employee is working remotely, it’ll take longer for them to understand and get used to company culture, if they ever do. That’s why hiring locally can help you find candidates who will settle into their roles more quickly. The new hire can devote all their energy to just getting used to the job and being onboarded, and won’t have to consider relocating if the position doesn’t work out.

4. Great PR

Companies that hire locally tend to have a great reputation within their communities. Your customers or clients will know that you’ve given jobs to their friends or family and that you’ve supported your community instead of taking the easy option. Investing in your community will pay off with customer loyalty and good PR. Plus, if you’re hiring locally, your business will always be the first to get recommended when someone is asking around for the products or services you offer. 

5. Local Incentives

Occasionally, businesses are eligible to receive financial incentives if they’ve committed to hiring locally. Certain projects aiming to lower unemployment rates might offer bonuses or tax breaks to businesses that give jobs to people living in the area. This arrangement makes sense and benefits everyone, so keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity like that. Even if you were already planning to hire locally, a financial incentive gives you more freedom to take your time with the process and really make sure you get the best candidate for the position.

Hiring locally has a plethora of benefits for businesses. Hopefully, you’ve read this list and think it might be time to give local candidates a try.

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