5 Reasons Why You Should Hold Office Parties


As an employer, you can use take some time to create a friendly and happy mood at the workplace by holding an office party. Office parties have been a norm for a while and have various benefits. They offer a socializing platform and create a spirit of unity among colleagues. Ways in which office parties are beneficial to your business have been discussed below.

Reward and Motivate

As the superior in an organization or a company, your employees will take that as a sign that you appreciate them as a key part of the company or organization when you throw an office party. Office parties will make your employees feel appreciated and therefore improve their zeal to work. During office parties, you can also decide to award acknowledgments and prizes to your business partners and employees. The entertainment, drinks, food, and attention given to your employees and business partners during office parties will inspire them for success and further action in the company.

You might consider designing a corporate challenge coin for your company. You can give challenge coins as rewards to outstanding employees. Or reward employees on some company-specific anniversaries, such as the fifth or tenth anniversary of the establishment, such gifts will make employees more aware of corporate values and culture. You can add your company logo, company name and address, and company motto to your challenge coins.

Strengthen the Connection Between Team Members

During office parties, workers mingle and talk in an informal environment as well as sharing meals. This triggers the primal human instinct of expressing family-like behavior and bonding. This, therefore, means that the party planning committee should be keen on the venue they choose and other factors of the party. The work of the party planning committee is eased with the use of event ticketing software. The software is used to choose a venue that will perfectly suit the office party. The software will also help the committee to book the venue online. An example of such software is Timely. The perfect venue and setup will promote interaction between employees, therefore, strengthening their connections. Strong connections between team members will build trust among them. Strong trust among employees means a strong company.

Take a Break From the Stress Associated with Work

All employees are prone to work stress. Office parties serve as a venue for a break from the demanding office work. Organizing an office party for your employees will help them get some stress relief. Relief from Work stress means that the employees will feel appreciated by the company. Once employees get back to work free of the previous work stress, their productivity will improve greatly.

Company Culture

Setting up a company culture is important in determining the overall happiness of your employees. Happy employees will ultimately promote your company. They will promote it as a fun, homely company that focuses on maintaining happy employees, not solely focusing on productivity and profits. To make the workplace livelier and more energetic, employees want their colleagues to feel like a family or a group of friends, not just workmates. This will help to build a love for the job and the work environment they are in. To achieve this, you should organize parties periodically that will eventually be company culture.

Interdepartmental Networking

In the office space, often friend groups are built based on the various departments people work in. Office parties act as an informal space where departments that would not interact or communicate on a normal workday meet. With this, employees converse and learn more about each other within the company in a relaxed and social environment. The employees get to establish new connections with fellow employees from other departments. Strong interdepartmental connections in your company will lead to overall better cohesion. Also, with interdepartmental networking, employees get the chance to see the various management techniques used by other department heads. This helps to gain knowledge and implement good management techniques in other various departments.

Office Parties are a Gesture of Appreciation

Your staff works hard the entire year. They go beyond their way, and you want to make them feel appreciated. Although a bonus is good, it doesn’t play part in enhancing togetherness. But, a staff party will bring unity and, at the same time, make the workers feel appreciated.

Office parties have become a norm in the modern work environment. Companies hold office parties at regular intervals throughout the year. Therefore, this means that office parties should be at the top of the priority list of employers to bring the various benefits of the parties into their company and ultimately be friendly company culture.

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