7 Ways to Boost Morale While Working Remotely


There are numerous benefits of working from home, but you may find it challenging if you are used to being surrounded by colleagues and in-person office interactions. Remote work may encourage increased productivity, innovation, and efficiency by often neglecting work culture. Whether you are working remotely full-time or part-time, you may find yourself experiencing feelings of isolation and a lack of personal interactions. Here are seven ways to boost morale while working remotely.

Prioritize Appreciation and Recognition

Remote employees usually crave recognition and appreciation for their efforts. Recognition will go a long way in boosting their morale. When you appreciate someone and their achievements, it leads to greater connectedness. It can also keep their spirits up, increase their sense of self-worth and spark motivation.

Employees who receive positive recognition regularly are more likely to experience better engagement levels, higher morale and productivity, and more loyalty to the organization.

Ensure that you celebrate wins frequently, which you can achieve through giving them a gift card or a simple video message from the SEO. You can also have motivating incentives such as salary bonuses, days off, or a paid vacation depending on the company’s resources. A physical “thank you” card that expresses gratitude can be very meaningful, especially when coming from the management.

During meetings, even virtual ones, give and encourage shout-outs. The leaders and employees can also reward each other through a system that recognizes achievements and award points that can be traded for exciting gifts. You can also set up an instant messaging channel that recognizes and celebrates employees’ achievements, whether small or big.

Proper Communication

The traditional office setting offers room for regular in-person communication as you can quickly lean over and ask your coworker a question. However, remote work is different as it lacks impromptu communication. You need to adjust your methods of communication in a remote work environment.

You can do this by checking in frequently through daily meetings that allow employees to ask for assistance or share their tasks. This will help to recognize the needs of your team and work to meet them. As a manager, you need to set clear expectations of employee output continuously. This will increase your chances of achieving your desired results.

Employees need to be recognized as human beings rather than mere output machines. Ensure that you prioritize employee wellness by understanding their needs and the stress of isolation brought about by virtual work. Simple acts like taking time and checking on how your employees are doing emotionally or giving them time off to deal with mental stress help them feel appreciated.

Verbal communication is often more effective than written communication since it has a sense of personal touch. It displays tone and intention, especially when you need to clarify questions. You can also go the extra mile and place a video call since it shows facial expressions. Additionally, ensure that you also provide quick and honest feedback.

Encourage Teammates to Cover for Each Other

It is crucial that you support opportunities that foster positive and authentic connections. You can encourage team building through themed meetings and virtual happy hours. This will help build personal relationships that will, in turn, increase morale and enhance collaboration, creativity, and joyful work. It will also help build partnerships and trust among team members.

Offer Work from Home Care Packages

Work from home packages can offer your employees inspiration and boost their morale. There are various items that you can include in the package, including:

• Wearable fleece blanket

Custom hats

• Custom port authority quarter-zip pullovers

• Black marble and wood cutting board

• Bento box lunch set

• Custom hot chocolate bomb gift box

• Branded basecamp zion mug

• Candlelight Bluetooth speaker

Clarify Your Vision

Clarifying your company vision will help boost your employees’ morale by giving them a map of the future. During uncertain times and especially when you do not see your employees in the office, you must remind them where they are headed as it increases their chances of them staying. Employees are usually curious about how decisions are made and wish for the company’s future to be transparent. Knowing this information will help them feel respected and valued since you are open and honest.

Keep Learning and Development as A Priority

Remote employees may feel like they are lacking opportunities and stagnating in their careers. However, if they are learning and developing constantly, they can stay motivated. There are various E-learning platforms where employees can learn new skills. When you invest in your employees, they will feel valued, which increases their morale.

Host Remote Team Building Games

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes a dull boy. Team building exercises enhance team spirit through activities that are not related to the workplace. This boosts the employees’ morale and helps them to realize their full potential. Examples of games you can play include remote talent hours, let’s roam virtual team building, or 2 truths and a lie.

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