Top 5 Coldest Countries in the World


If you are wondering what the coldest countries in the world then this article will answer your question. Some of the countries that fall into this category include Antarctica, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, United States, Russia, Venezuela and Chile. Amongst all these countries, Venezuela is the only one that is not a developed country. Below is more about the coldest countries in the world.


Argentina is among the coldest countries in the planet with temperatures dropping to extreme cold levels in wintertime. In summers, the weather is hot and summers are extremely hot with average temperatures at 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The only good thing about this place is that it has an equator which allows warm air from south American to enter northern parts of the country.


Russia is one of the coldest countries that is also amongst the top ten for the coldest temperature ever recorded. The winters are colder than normal with average temperatures at minus 4 degrees Celsius. The climate in Moscow is considered to be the coldest in the whole of Europe. The average temperature in the Moscow suburbs is minus 7 degrees.


The third place that features among the top ten coldest countries is Canada. Average temperature of minus 8 degree Celsius is experienced in the Canadian cities of Alberta and British Columbia. The other two provinces in Canada that feature among the coldest countries are Manitoba and Ontario. The temperature in this part of Canada tends to be milder than that in other Canadian cities.


The fourth and fifth coldest places in the world are Greenland and Kiribati in the South Pacific Ocean. The average temperature during the winter is around zero and temperatures increase to below zero in the summer season. Although not a country, Kiribati is commonly included in lists of the coldest places in the world. This is because this island is covered completely with ice all year round.


The fifth coldest place in the top 10 coldest countries in the world is Mongolia. Mongolia is known for being a sparsely populated country with less natural resources and forests than most other countries. Mongolia has a very arid climate and experiences cold winters. It is located in the Asia-Pacific area. Winter is relatively mild in Mongolia.

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