Five Home Expenses You Shouldn’t Live Without


Whenever you pay your bills during the month, there are always a few items that never cease to make the list and never change. These items are generally called living expenses, including utilities, food, rent, water, electricity, and more. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and your home in good shape, these are essential, and you can’t live without them. To create and manage your monthly budget, it’s critical to know exactly what these expenses are and how much they cost.

In comparison to your essential living expenses, there are a few nice-to-have items you would like to add to your budget, like eating out, going to movies, getting an expensive watch; however, they are just not as essential. The best way to determine your basic living expenses is to cut your budget in half; you would only focus on items you cannot possibly live without. As easy as that may sound, it is not, and here are five home expenses categories to help you identify essentials you shouldn’t live without.

Housing Expenses

Most of your living expenses go to your housing responsibilities like rent and mortgage if you are a homeowner. However, the total sum of your monthly housing expenses consists of many other items apart from your mortgage or rent payments. It also includes things like property taxes, homeowners insurance, electricity, and waste removal services.

Electricity is crucial as everything in the house runs on electricity like electric plugs and home security lighting control systems. Another responsibility that falls on homeowners is maintenance and repairs. Facing responsibilities like fixing broken appliances, cupboards, burst pipes, mowing the lawn, and more.

Food And Groceries

Food and groceries are essentials nobody can deny, and these primarily look after your health and wellbeing. Generally, these costs may see you visit the grocery store every week. Food and groceries items include, but are not limited to, fruit, vegetables, personal care items, like conditioner and shampoo, cleaning supplies, vitamins, and supplements.


Many people use transport to get around everywhere, whether it’s going to work, going to the grocery store, or visiting friends every once in a while. Whether you own a car and drive yourself to work, take a public bus, take an Uber or ride a bike to work, everybody has transportation costs. However, if you own a car, there are other expenses you need to be aware of, like fuel, car insurance, and planned or unplanned maintenance.

Healthcare Costs

There is no way of getting away from healthcare, and you should never skimp on having a proper budget for these costs. Compromising your health could have you sitting with a severe medical problem and regret not planning correctly. Healthcare costs include insurance premiums, doctor’s and specialist consulting fees, pharmacy copays, and over-the-counter medication for general minor illnesses.


Many people would consider clothing as a want and a luxury; however, the truth is clothing is one of the expenses you can never live without. No matter where you are at this moment, you are wearing clothes right now. Everybody needs underwear such as a nude thong, clean clothes to wear daily, and shoes for walking. Clothes are essential for many reasons; for instance, you need office-appropriate attire in a business or office setting. With seasonal changes in most places worldwide, you need suitable clothing to combat different seasonal weather conditions.

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