5 Ways to Modernise Your 2021 Job Hunt


There’s no doubt about it – Covid-19 has changed the recruitment process and put a spotlight on industries in need of candidates while completely shutting down operations and recruitment in others. As we move further in 2021, amid the easing of restrictions and timid reopening of hospitality, travel and tourism to name but a few ailing industries, we look at five ways of modernising your job hunt for 2021.

Grow your Network

Knowing the industry that you want to work in is a great start, but one of the best ways to actually get a foot in the door and find out about upcoming and pending roles is to immerse yourself in the culture and industry environment – and that means networking. Use the power of online to find out about meet-ups and events, attend job fairs and public conferences, and build a LinkedIn profile which solidifies some of your working relationships.

A change in necessary skillset

Technology has been on the rise for years, but with remote working at an all-time high, the need for technology-savvy candidates is as important as ever. From online courses to countless guides and self-learning tools, finding out about areas which are becoming increasingly important within your chosen industry will give you an edge against competing candidates.

By spending a little time and investment doing the necessary training, your job hunt will not only be modernised but will hold a great deal more value in the increasingly technical realm of the 2021 job hunt.

Prepare for Video Interviews

2021 is the year where we expect video interviews to become a common occurrence in job search with over half of employers saying they will continue to use remote interviews after the pandemic. To be prepared for whatever faces you, prepare for the inevitability of being invited to at least one video interview as part of your job hunt. This means:

  • Investing in the correct technical equipment, including a high quality microphone
  • Checking you have an adequate connection
  • Selecting a suitable setting for a video interview – with a simple background and minimal background noise

Cut your Resume length right down

Did you know that most resumés are only looked at for an average of 6-8 seconds? Often, the first round of checks isn’t even performed by the hiring manager themselves, but rather an HR assistant or outsourced recruitment company. This means that standing out – and doing so in a clear and concise way – is more important than ever. One of the best ways to do this is to tailor your resumé according to the job and industry you are applying to work in, highlighting relevant experience and

showcasing transferable skills which will benefit both you and the company you end up working for.

As for all those extra experiences and interests that serve little purpose… be brutal and cut out as much as you can (without stripping your resumé of its personality!)

Adopt a multi-channel approach

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask for feedback if you haven’t heard back from your application within a few days. Recruiters will often miss emails but, provided you aren’t too forward, adopting other touchpoints can be an effective way of getting their attention. You can also connect with recruiters and hiring managers directly through LinkedIn as well as sending speculative emails to side-step the crowded job boards.

The 2021 job market is a rocky road to success, with candidates facing a multitude of challenges in finding and landing the best possible jobs. By spending some time modernising your approach to job hunting, you can not only increase your chances of success but also immerse yourself in job spaces and networks you may not have considered before.

Andrew Fennell is the founder and director of Job Description Library and StandOut CV, two leading UK careers advice websites. He is a former recruitment consultant and contributes careers advice to publications like Business Insider, The Guardian, and The Independent.

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