Why the Way You Pack Your Products Affects Customer Satisfaction Levels


As a company owner or shipping manager, you might think that a quality product will please your customers, and they won’t be concerned about how the product is packed. But people get upset when the packaging causes difficulties of various kinds. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering your product packaging style.

Shipping Options

The type of packaging you use will impact the way the products are shipped. Certain types of packages must be shipped by freight, depending on size, shape, weight, and contents. Others can go through regular U.S. postal mail. Keep your customers’ needs in mind when preparing to pack your orders. Will they have to go to the post office to pick up the shipped package? What if they opt for home delivery, but they are not home when it arrives? Will freight charges be applied that the customer will have to pay without knowing about the cost up front? Make sure that the customer and the shipping providers have clear guidelines about delivering and receiving or retrieving the package. That will mostly depend on the way you choose to have an order delivered.


Your packing methods and materials should be strong, durable, and safe. Don’t use cheap materials that could tear or break while in transit. Pack your products in secure material that will keep them stable while preventing scratches, dents, or breakage. Customers become irate and lose faith in the company when a shipped order arrives in damaged condition. Likewise, packaging that appears to be torn or coming apart is disappointing to customers, as they may worry that the next package will not arrive intact.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Choose packaging materials that will not harm the environment when discarded. While you will want to wrap the order in a strong, secure manner, use sponge or support forms that are friendly to the environment. Avoid using the type of plastic that does not break down easily. When feasible, use paper or cardboard packaging that can be recycled. Customers will appreciate your efforts to protect the environment.


Make sure that every package is clearly marked. Whether the delivery information is handwritten or printed, it should be readable without the risk of fading or smearing. Your packing optimization plan should include shipping labels that are readable and legible to maintain clarity throughout the shipping and delivery cycle. Recipients will not like having to retrieve a package delivered to the wrong address.

Your packaging process should be as reliable and professional as the products. Check to ensure your packages are arriving on time and in good condition.

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