13 Stylish Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Creativity


Since the global COVID-19 pandemic started, home offices have become more and more popular. While working from home can be a dream come true for many people, others struggle to stay productive and creative with so many distractions. So, what can you do?

You need to set up a home office that will keep you creative and effective. How can you achieve that? Use these 13 stylish home office ideas, and you’ll instantly get inspired to get your work done! There’s nothing as motivating as a stylish and well-designed place. Here’s how you can create your dream home office!

1. Less is more

Minimalism seems to never get out of style! If you’re prone to be distracted by various stimuli, this may be the ideal home office design for you. Besides looking wonderful in any type of space, minimalism also saves you money on unnecessary details. So, how can you create a minimalistic office?

To gussy up your office, pick a stylish, yet comfortable chair. Stick to the mild colours of the same tone. Keep in mind that you don’t need many things in your office. In addition to the chair, a desk, lamp and your laptop are more than enough for an adorable little workspace.

2. Space-saving

Not everyone is lucky to have a large home with a spare room they can use as an office. The important thing is to have a dedicated workspace for your job. That way you’ll minimise the distractions and you’ll be able to focus on creativity and productivity. So, if you’re tight on space but would still like to create a stylish home office, try the space-saving method!

Using double duty furniture in your home office is an ideal way of saving space and creating a suitable place where you can get your job done. Even though a larger space may feel more comfortable, you can create your little nook in the corner of the room by carefully stacking and placing furniture.

3. Reflect your personality

One of the best ways to inspire creativity is to display your personality. Are you a quirky person with a lot of energy? Then bold colours, mixed and matched materials and textures will get the most out of you. As you seek stimuli from the outer world, an interactive office type will help you obtain more creativity and productivity.

On the other hand, calmer people usually like a cosier environment. Search for furniture and decoration that inspire you to work more. By implementing your personality into the design you’ll be more willing to achieve your professional goals.

4. Tidy desk, tidy mind

You probably know that some people find creativity in the chaos. However, there’s nothing stylish about cluttered desk and office. So, if you want to reach your true potential while working from home, you’ll have to tidy your desk a little bit!

To successfully declutter your home office, get rid of anything you don’t need. From a useless pile of paper next to your computer, all the way to empty coffee cups that you’ve been shamelessly gathering in your office. Keep your desk tidy to keep your mind tidier. That way you’ll instantly know where your belongings are, and you won’t have to waste time on finding them!

5. Modern and vintage

Eclectic vibes are extremely popular nowadays. Merging vintage and modern styles into one is a bold move. However, if you do it correctly, you’ll definitely get the office of your dreams! Start by implementing vintage décor that will make your space stand out.

Check out your attic for any old but gold finds. Also, you can steal details from other rooms in your house! If you don’t find anything vintage there, flee markets are a fantastic place for unique, yet fashionable finds that will blend in your office design really well!

6. Bookworm’s paradise

Do you absolutely adore reading? If the sole sight of books excites you, then you should definitely transform your home office into a bookworm’s paradise. Such a stimulative environment will get your creative juices flowing through your veins!

To create such space, implement a lot of bookshelves. A wall of books can give of stylish yet productive atmosphere that will make you focus on your work. Add your favourite books or create a theme by colour or genre in your home library. Once you’ve finished, you can curl up with your favourite book and a warm cup of tea. What a motivation!

7. Let the sunshine in

Did you know that lighting can significantly affect the way you work and how much work you get done? Dim lights and a dull atmosphere will only make you drowsy. And falling asleep on your work is not allowed! To gain energy and motivation for your job, you need to let the sunshine in!

Make sure that your office gets plenty of natural light during the day. Cloudy and chilly days that lack sunshine requires strong artificial light that will keep you up and about. Make sure to have a nice lamp and ceiling lights that will spark up your creativity and keep you focused! 

8. Pick a signature smell

A lot of people draw inspiration from various scents. Whether it’s their perfume, favourite food or the smell of fresh morning coffee, these stimuli are powerful motivators for the employees. So, how can you choose a signature scent for your office?

Luckily, we live in a world where almost anything is possible. That’s why we now have scented candles that are ready to refine the air and scent of your office. Whether you live lavender, vanilla, or cinnamon, choose a scent that will remind you of the office only and keep you focused on your tasks.

9. Add a monochromatic touch

Picking one colour and sticking to its hues can be really inspiring for some people. From interesting wallpapers to furniture and supplies, monochromatic style can really add a different dimension to any space.

The key is to complete the room with various textures so it doesn’t seem bland. But also, you can add contrasting details that will highlight certain areas and make your home office pop up! Carefully choose the colours not to overwhelm your senses with too much diversity.

10. Tech geek style

Are you a tech geek? Then home office is a true paradise for you. It’s a place where you can show off your true potential and create a modern atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of. So, if you want to design such an office, update it with newer and modern technology!

Choose simpler colours, such as grey, white and black to create a futuristic style. Complete your setup with a new screen or add a fancy RGB keyboard that will make you love your work. Don’t forget about speakers, as they are an essential part of any high-end office.

11. Get artsy

Have you always wanted to try out as an interior designer but never get a chance? Gather up the courage and design the office yourself. Paint the walls or add suitable art that will complete the atmosphere. You can even check the internet for inspiration! The key is to match the colours well so you create literal art in your home office.

Don’t neglect the colour of your furniture. Try to match it with the art, and décor you’re planning on putting up. Doodle, draw and express your true self through this design. Don’t forget to add lovely curtains and a cute rug that will show everyone how fashionable you are! 

12. Suitable dose of cosiness

Did you know that calmness and cosiness help our brain work better? Even though too much comfort can prevent you from getting your job done, an appropriate amount of cosiness is necessary for your creativity! So, how can you achieve that?

Make sure you have a really comfortable chair that will also help your posture. A carpet and some art on the walls are essential for a cosy atmosphere. Add some cushions and a seating area where you’ll also feel comfortable. Don’t forget about the privacy and windows. Implement roman blinds that will add style to your home office, yet protect you from the unwanted views so you can peacefully focus on your work.

13. The power of plants

The power of nature is immaculate! Plants will not only look fantastic in your place but also refresh the atmosphere and help you feel calmer and more creative during your work hours. However, they do need frequent attention and work to stay alive.

Therefore, you need to pick the best office plants for your desk that are appropriate for such conditions. They will increase your air quality and add decorative value to your home office. There’s something about plants that encourages us to be creative and productive while we’re working. So, use the power of the plants in your favour!


As you can see, no matter what kind of style or design you like, you can create a perfect office that will suit your needs. Use your creativity to empower creativity in work. Interior design can really motivate you to push yourself to the limits and achieve your most desired goals!

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