4 tasks for entrepreneurs to outsource


There are a million different things that go into running a business and as a company grows, these tasks become even more complicated and it soon becomes a balancing act. You can’t be expected to master everything, so you might find yourself hiring more and more staff and investing more in training – but this can get awfully expensive, awfully fast. Outsourcing can be both cheaper and can relieve a great deal of stress. The best tasks to outsource are those that require specific training or knowledge – using a company that specialises in this department ensures it is being dealt with by trained professionals. It can also be wise to outsource your most time-consuming tasks to save on labour costs.


Marketing is arguably one of the most important aspects of running a successful business but to maximize on this you need the right training. Done right, marketing can be your most valued tool and it is not something you should take chances on. Hiring an expert company like fastfwd digital marketing ensures that your marketing strategies are of the best quality – they can manage social media accounts, run marketing campaigns, help with website development and work on search engine optimization to ensure your company is at the top of the google search list.

Bookkeeping and finances

Bookkeeping is a time-consuming task, but it is essential that you keep your financial record organised and up to date. And finances can get complicated with taxes and audits. Specialist financial services can help with bookkeeping, invoices, accounts payable, reporting and analysis. The vast availability of cloud-based accounting software makes outsourcing easier than ever, you simply send over all the data you need to be collated and you can rest easy knowing it is being handled by financial experts in line with the financial ombudsman. You will never again have a last-minute scramble to get your accounts in order in preparation for an audit.

IT operations

No matter the size of your company, you likely rely heavily on computer systems and software – which means any minor glitch can have a serious impact on the function of your business. There are many things that can go wrong; crashing servers, malware attacks, corrupted data and computer viruses can paralyze your business, so cybersecurity is essential. Outsourcing IT support can offer 24 hour customer care and highly trained professionals who can deal with issues in a timely manner, reducing the negative impact on your company. This can also be much cheaper than employing an in-house IT team and many IT companies offer free consultations so you can explore your options at no extra cost.

Admin Support

Every business owner knows the importance of administration services, but they can be tedious and laborious – you can end up hiring entire teams just keep on top of your day to day admin. Outsourcing tasks like data entry, scheduling, typing, data processing and travel management can free up a great deal of time and labour in order to develop the core aspects of the business.


  1. Vinay Nagaraju – Mysore – Entrepreneur and Cofounder of tech business, currently Head of Product Development: An ambitious leader with over 10 years of experience in senior management roles. Experience in delivering complex products, building teams and developing strategies using minimum viable product approach to deliver business/product vision. I love the startup environment and the power of passion which drives a business vision. Always eager to learn more about the market, business and people to exchange powerful ideas
    Vinay Nagaraju says:

    Nice, it is amazing how easy outsourcing has become. Looking back at my previous experiences, outsourcing has helped speed and efficiency to enable getting a product out to the market. A good learning through the process has been to outsource only the tasks for which the outcome is tangible or very clear. Outsourcing works very well for product development too, however the scope must be extremely clear or else we end up losing a lot of time

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