How to Write a Leadership Essay about Yourself


There are various essays students have to deal with in high-school, college and university. Some are more interesting to write, some are easy to forget, and some are rather challenging. When it comes to a leadership essay about yourself, we would put it somewhere in the middle of the difficulty scale. See for yourself — technically it doesn’t differ much from most of the essays, and that is why it won’t be too difficult to cover it. However, in terms of content it does differ and requires a balance between standard essay “indifferent” tone of voice and the necessity to express personal opinion, write about yourself. Here, students make the biggest amount of mistakes. In this article we will cover both technical and content sides in order to make sure that your next leadership essay is flawless. No one wants to spend more time than needed on writing essays, and with some tips and tricks you will be done and free pretty soon. It feels so good to submit a well-thought-out paper on time and relax, doesn’t it?

Leadership Essay about Yourself: Technical and Structural Aspects

Write a plan. We don’t mean creating an outline yet. These are not the same. First of all, write a plan for essay writing itself. Plan every essay you need to write as a separate project. First of all, you will need this skill later, when studying in university or better say working in the real world. Second, budgeting time needed to write an essay is a straightforward way to have zero problems with deadlines, delays, etc. First, think about how much time you normally spend for similar tasks. It is good if you track your writing routine several times, so you don’t make assumptions, you know exactly the average time needed in order to deal with similar assignments. We always offer to budget +15 or even +20% of time for force majeure. If you don’t use that time — perfect! But if something happens, you will be ready, and, again, won’t have problems with deadlines, etc. It is also important to plan not just the overall amount of time needed to write an essay, but divide it into parts — research, drafs, introduction, body parts, conclusion, citing, editing, proofreading.

Create an outline. Here, you know what to do. Not what you plan to write in the introduction, Body part consisting of at least three abstracts, and Conclusions. Obviously, it won’t help if you just list the standard essay parts. You need to make a brief summary for every point. Find some punchy opening words for the introduction section, as it is a getaway to your essay. Don’t forget about the thesis statement. Again, at this point you can just note down some ideas. Make sure that your conclusions both summarize written in the body parts and also confirm what was stated in the Introduction. 

Leadership Essay about Yourself: Content Aspects

What does it take to write a good leadership essay? Can you write it fast, without investing too much effort? We believe so. 

Here are some tips regarding the content:

  • Creative subtopic is a must. Yes, you write about yourself, and about leadership, but there are so many approaches that can be used to make your essay sparkle. Think about some cases that can be used. You + leadership + goals? You + leadership + equality? You + leadership + family history patterns? There are so many options to choose from. Don’t write a bland essay when you can write a catchy one.
  • Passive voice should be gone for good (do you like this irony?). Previously, academic writing was based on passive voice. It gave essays, research papers and other academic pieces the needed level of neutrality. However, now, professors appreciate a lighter approach, especially when it comes to writing more personal essays, like the one in question. 
  • Give some background. Add some background to your story in the first paragraph of your essay’s body. We cannot guess here what it will be, you will have to decide based on the subtopic we discussed earlier. However, we offer to use three body paragraphs as a simple story structure — background, major action, outcome (not conclusions yet). 
  • When reaching Conclusions you feel like you have more creative ideas, don’t just add them to this part of your leadership essay. Return to the Introduction and Body parts and alter them first. 

It is a brief summary of how the quality leadership essay about yourself can be written. If you feel like it is not enough, we recommend addressing the next abstract. 

How to Deal With a Leadership Essay Fast and Efficient?

If the tips mentioned above were not fully useful, you can think about some alternative methods. First, ask for help from your friends. When you need to write about yourself, it is useful to consult those who know you best — we, personally, often experience difficulties in revealing who we actually are in a written form. Some forget about all the drawbacks and shadows and just present themselves as superheroes, others are too humble to write anything remotely related to a self-praise. If consulting friends doesn’t help, the second best choice is consulting a professional essay writing service, such as Essay Lib. This is a company that employs experienced writers who later help students dealing with their essays, research papers and other academic assignments. Being a student, addressing an essay writing service for assistance is not less ethical than hiring a tutor, but definitely efficient and fast. You will have to share not only instructions given by your professor, but also some information about yourself (due to the character of a leadership essay). However, you can rest assured that your data will remain fully confidential and won’t be disclosed to the third parties. We encourage you to write your leadership essay on your own, but if you experience some difficulties and the deadline is scarily close, it is better to ask for assistance from experts. 

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