5 Ways to Ensure Your Business Assets are Safe and Protected


Running a business is risky as you are constantly exposed to uncertainties. It is therefore essential for business owners to reduce the risks associated with the business as much as they can. 

Every business owner needs to know that regardless of how small a business is, it is prone to theft and security breaches. When you have this kind of mentality, you’ll protect your business better by setting up a system within the company that will prevent future losses. 

You can do simple ways to ensure the protection of your properties against potential hackers, fraud, and thieves. 

1. Focus on digital security.

Choose Strong Passwords

Passwords are like keys. You need to choose complex passwords no matter how tiresome they may be. Changing it regularly will enhance security. There are tools that offer a two-way authentication measure, and you shouldn’t skip them. 

Delete Hard Drives

Old computers contain a rich source of information that can be used by thieves and hackers. When discarding old computers, make sure to remove all data in your hard drives. Unknown to many, the office copier also stores information because it contains the hard drive. Make sure to clear it all before considering it as trash.

Get anti-virus software

Install reliable anti-virus software and security programs for your digital systems where it is capable of detecting threats and preventing any virus and malware from taking hold. 

Create Social Media and Email Policies

Establishing a policy for email and social media use among employees is essential in preventing data leaks and misinformation. Do remember that when things are on the internet, it will hardly stay private, and addressing these concerns through policies will reduce risk. 

2. Invest in physical security. 

Set A Security System

This is a must for every business establishment. The security system will help monitor and detect potential threats and alert authorities immediately. A security system consists of technologies and gadgets such as alarms, locks, and close circuit cameras to assess the potential of threats. Since it is a complex system, you will need to hire professionals.

Deadbolts and Locks

For a small business, invest in good locks and deadbolts. Get professional locksmith Newcastle to do the installation. It may cost more but does not compromise quality and safety. Properly installed locks will be able to withstand tough attempts and keep your assets safe, which will be worth the money. 

Install CCTV 

When you cannot afford to get a whole security system installed, getting a simple closed circuit TV can make a significant improvement in protecting your business assets. CCTV acts as a deterrent to intruders, but it also can be used as evidence in any investigations. Place it in areas where your assets are stored, such as safes, storage, or garages.

Asset tags

If you have assets, particularly high-value items that cannot leave the premises, consider installing asset tags. It can help retrieve the item by identifying the location with the help of GPS.

Create Guest Logs

Guests can be a threat because they have the potential to steal information. If you want to control the number of people coming in and out of the company, creating a simple guest log can do the trick. Guests will be required to wear ID so you can easily identify non-employees moving around, particularly in areas that are prohibited. 

3. Focus on legal security 

Use contracts 

No matter how well you know a person, always use contracts when dealing with transactions that are business-related. This will protect you from any fraud. Leasing agreements and projects should be handled professionally. 

Separate private and business assets

Set your personal assets from your business ones because putting everything in one basket can end up in disaster. 

Secure your intellectual property

Apply for trademarks and copyrights for any intellectual properties. This will protect all your hard work. 

4. Get insurance for your business

Getting insurance is the best way to protect your assets from any financial damage. Since the nature of business is unpredictable, the presence of insurance can give some sense of peace and buffer when you encounter any loss. 

There are various types of insurance available for business owners to fit any specific needs. It may seem like an unnecessary expense for your company, but it can actually keep your business moving for years to come because it can offset any unpredictable loss. 

5. Hire a business attorney

Regardless of the size of your company, you should hire a business attorney. This is necessary because they will be the ones to assist and guide you with all the paperwork required for the business. 

 If you have any questions or legal troubles, they will be the ones who will answer them for you. Get a lawyer prior to starting your business. This will save you a lot of time and guesswork.

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