Strategies On How To Build A Better Social Media Presence


Almost every business nowadays has a social media account, which is no longer a surprise given the fact that more than half of the world’s population uses it every day.

That being said, competition has never been fiercer. Businesses have been scrambling and looking for ways to stand out from their competitors, gain more leads, and build better connections with their customers through social media.

So with that, we have listed a few common strategies used by marketers today in building a better social media presence.

  1. Update more often

When we say update more often, we do not necessarily mean that you should post 3 to 4 times a day. According to Hubspot’s report, marketers commonly post new content 1 to 6 times a week on social media. They generally follow this trend and just post one content per day.

Since your target audience frequently uses social media, being active, and keeping them updated with your company’s latest news or products would surely increase your visibility online.

Apart from that, you should also take into consideration when is the best time to post. Since there are several social media platforms, the optimal publishing time and frequency might vary from one platform to another.

For instance, you can get away with posting 3 to 4 times a week on LinkedIn. On the other hand, achieving better results and engagement on Twitter would require you to tweet almost every day and even on weekends. Since posts shared on LinkedIn during weekends have little to no impact on the audience, it is best to just utilize and post more during weekdays on LinkedIn as opposed to Twitter.

  1. Create engaging content

Along with being consistent and timely, the quality of your post or content is your key to success.

Oftentimes, quality is even more important than frequency. Even if you consistently post on social media, it would not make a big difference if your posts are low quality and it did not resonate with your audience.

The way you post and share information on social media is reflective of your brand’s image. With that, the quality of your content should always be at par with your brand’s image.

Aside from that, high-quality content has more impact and it is more likely to be shared and distributed by your audience. With your posts circulating the platform, it would essentially extend your market reach and make you more visible on social media.

  1. Join groups and communities

Since the number of people who use social media is quite high, there are now several groups and subgroups formed in different social media platforms.

Like for example, groups on LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals from the same industry, communities on Reddit enables you to discuss topics you care about, groups on Facebook gives you a platform to engage with other people online, and so on.

With the help of these groups and communities, you can gather useful insights about a specific market. Joining social media groups would allow you to learn about a niche market’s interests, behaviors, likes and dislikes, and many more.

It also allows you to interact, engage, and build relationships with other people from the community. Through this interaction, you can build a stronger brand reputation as well as improve the credibility of your brand.

  1. Follow the trends

Based on research conducted by Pew, young adults are the ones who heavily use social media. That being said, knowing and following the trends can make your brand more noticeable and relevant in today’s age.

Since social media greatly affects our everyday life, knowing the latest fad or trends will help your business adapt to this ever-changing online economy. You would be able to make better forecasting and adjust your marketing strategy based on the trends on social media.

Trends are a great way to monitor customers’ behavior and market changes. Keeping a close watch on the latest trend would ultimately help improve your business in the long-run. It would help you study your competitors’ activity as well as identify the areas you need to work on.  

  1. Build a better relationship with followers

Your business’ social media account is part of the whole customer service and experience. That being said, everything you post on social media affects and has an impact on your customers.

So aside from posting and sharing content on social media, you need to engage with your followers and create content that would stir conversations. To put it simply, you need to interact and have a two-way dialogue with your customers.

Allotting time and energy to respond to your customers’ feedback and concerns would surely help you build a better relationship with them.

Nowadays, several businesses offer customer support and engage with their audience through different social channels like Facebook and Twitter. This way, it is more convenient for customers to reach out to you and they can easily provide feedback about your products through social media.

  1. Partner with influencers

Influencers are no longer just movie stars and artists on TV. Aside from partnering with a brand ambassador agency, you can now hire famous people on the internet to promote your brand.

Nowadays, social media influencers have been shaping and creating a new definition for influencer marketing.

With social media being ingrained in our everyday life, social media influencers have been greatly affecting consumer behavior. These influencers that are popular on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and so on have been proven to generate excitement and engagement for a brand or product. They help businesses gain more leads and new customers.

In addition to that, influencers also help new businesses establish credibility for their brand.

  1. Monitor your stats

It is no longer enough to simply read comments and reviews on your social media accounts.

If you want to fully reap the benefits and advantages of having a social media account, you need to have a good social media monitoring strategy. This way, you would be able to set achievable goals and attain favorable results for your business’ social media accounts.

Social media monitoring means looking at the overall standing of your brand or product on a social media platform.

It is not just monitoring your mentions and comment sections, but it is also tracking your customers’ behavior, engagement of your posts, readability of your content, groups formed from your brand, and so on.  These are the data and information that would help you build a better marketing strategy for your brand.

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