5 Qualities to Look for in a Security Guard


Most companies and individuals have hired security guards because of the importance of having them around. Their presence alone hinders most criminal activities and gives the people around a sense of protection. However, there are qualities that you have to look for in a Security guard before you hire them. These qualities should not be underestimated and they include:

Training and experience

A security guard needs to be appropriately trained to gain the skills required to perform their job.  One way to tell that a guard has undergone a training program is a certificate indicating their training level.  It would be best if you also had a guard who has prior experience in handling security threats.  Depending on the security needs you have, find one trained in that area. If it is  business security you are looking for, get one who understands security operations related to businesses.

Physical fitness

A security guard may encounter physical confrontation once in a while. Whether it is confronting or outrunning a threat, the guard will need to be physically fit to manage such a situation. Also, there is a high chance that a security guard will be very active throughout their shift. Depending on the size of the property, a security guard is required to patrol the area occasionally. If they are not physically fit, they will not be able to handle their tasks effectively.

Honesty and Integrity

Security guards work without constant supervision by their employer. They need to perform their duties well and not just when they notice their employer. You can conduct a background check to see whether they have a criminal record or call their former employers to hear what they have to say. If the security guard is protecting valuable items, you need to have confidence that they will not try and steal.

Communication skills

Security guards need to effectively communicate to be understood well, especially if they are working with other guards. In case of danger, they should communicate about the threat to other security guards to take action. This applies to their employers and members of the public as well. Also, in situations where they give visitors instructions on what they can and cannot do on the premises, they need to express themselves concisely to avoid any miscommunication.

Hardworking and flexible

Being a security guard comes with its own set of challenges. Like any other job, a good performance will be determined by how hardworking the security guard is.  They also need to be flexible in case their employer wants them in a different post.  If they are used to business security and are moved to event security, they should adjust to the change quickly and offer efficient services.

Some other qualities that you can look for in a security guard include respect for life, a team player, a good attitude, and vigilance. You also need a security guard who understands their duties in their posts to perform well.

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