6 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Company Car


If you have a company car, why not take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade it? After all, you can often take advantage of tax deductions for doing so.

What can you do that won’t require a hefty capital expenditure? Here are six low-cost ways to improve your company car so that you and your staff can ride in comfort and style.

1. Upgrade the Sound System

You want to have some sweet tunes when you ride around, and upgrading your stereo system can do the trick. Today, you get little joy from an antiquated model without features like USB ports and integrated Bluetooth connectivity. Music apps like Pandora and Spotify let you enjoy your favorite tunes — gone are the days of hitting seek and hoping for the best.

You could take your company car to the shop to improve it, but chances are, you can spare yourself the labor expense. Most installations go smoothly when you have the right manual — there isn’t that much to connect. All you need are a few tools, and you’ll be rolling with auditory bliss.

2. Spoil Your Baby

If your company car is anything from a Prius to a Ford GT, you can make it look sharp and streamline your performance by adding a spoiler. This detail gives your ride a racecar-like look that instantly improves the resale value — and makes quite an impression on your clients.

A spoiler breaks up the airflow and directs it outward to another part of the car, eliminating wind drag. You’ll enjoy a small boost in fuel economy that you can use to justify your purchase as eco-friendly. You’ll also benefit from faster highway speeds, getting you to that big client meeting on time.

3. Let There Be Light

If you ever tried to drive home from work at a northern latitude, you know that the winter sun can blind, creating a severe hazard. You can install a tint strip known as a shade band to keep the rays from sneaking in the cracks between your visors and rearview mirror, eliminating your visibility.

You can protect your vehicle’s interior and your skin from damaging UV radiation by tinting your  

other windows as well. Please ensure you research state law before you apply if you DIY — you don’t want to get pulled over and ticketed for going too dark.

4. A Practical Tow

Do you drive a work truck to various job sites that don’t always lie along paved roads? If there’s a chance you could end up in a ditch, it helps to have a way to get out without calling for help.

You can install a tow hitch even on a small vehicle, but make sure that it is rated for your ride’s weight if you intend to use it in emergencies. A Ford F-350 takes considerably more to pull than a Hyundai.

5. Comfort Luxuries

Do you live in a cold climate? If so, it’s no fun climbing into your leather bucket seats only to freeze your nether regions — especially when you wear a skirt. Consider adding after-market heated seats to increase your comfort during the winter.

Does your work involve transporting others? If so, installing behind-the-seat video players can keep your passengers quiet and content on the road.

6. Improved Security

When you use your vehicle for work, you might transport anything from laptops containing proprietary information to expensive specialty equipment in your ride. You owe it to yourself to protect your investment with the right security system.

Many of today’s security systems offer features like remote start that also increase your comfort. You can get the AC running during the summer months before you climb inside so that you don’t sweat through your suit.

If you often transport equipment, look for models that let you add extra sensors to areas like your trunk to deter thieves from swiping the contents. Automatic window roll-up features come in handy when you need to double-check from your smartphone during a meeting.

If you drive a work truck, a lockbox can help keep your equipment more secure. You can also investigate locking bed covers, although these can create problems when hauling lumber.

Improve Your Company Car These 6 Low-Cost Ways

Your company car reflects on your business image. Improve it with the six low-cost ways outlined above and impress your customers.

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