Working from Home in 2021: Tips and Tricks


While there has been a lot more hope for our prospects for 2021 over the last few weeks, it would be fair to say that most of us are still preparing for a slow start to life.

Many will still be working from home and, for a select few, this will continue indefinitely as more and more companies take the permanent plunge.

Initially, many employees were basking in their new normal. The thought of working from home had appealed to most of us for a very long time, and the only stumbling block was that few companies were prepared to invest in the practice. However, now that hands are being forced, many realize that it isn’t quite as easy as it may have first seemed.

This is what we are going to focus on through today’s blog article. Here are a couple of key tips and tricks that you can turn to as you bid to continue the WFH practice through 2021.

The separation between work and leisure is crucial

Granted, in those first few weeks of working from home, most of us set up a temporary working space. This was sufficient; after all, it wasn’t going to go on that long, was it?

Well, we all know the answer to the above question. It means that permanent solutions are required to prevent our home life blending in with our work. Again, on a temporary basis little harm can be done with the above, but beyond that and these blurred lives can wreak havoc for your mental health.

As such, make sure your space is separated appropriately. For those of you in larger homes, this won’t be a problem. For everyone else, this gets difficult, but not impossible.

For example, self storage units can be one solution. If you know that your company will insist on a return to the office eventually, considering storing some of your current belongings until the time comes to free that elusive space.

Another option is a fold-out, or temporary desk. While these may have appeared somewhat makeshift several years ago, most leading retailers now manufacture them and they will slot into your existing furnishings with ease.

Make sure everyone at home is on the same page

Secondly, it’s about everyone else at home. Again, initially this may have felt like the dream, but as time progressed it can feel like anything-but to some families.

Contrary to some beliefs, working from home does mean that you engage in a working day. House chores are still off the agenda until post-5pm (or your office hours), as are any other tasks that distract your attention.

In addition, if you have an important meeting, everybody in the house needs to be committed. Modern day houses have thin walls to say the least, and the last thing you need is the loud interfering noise in the background for your Zoom call.

One of the most frustrating parts of working from home is when everyone isn’t on board with the above. This isn’t just a commitment from you to your company, it’s from your family or people you share the house with as well.

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