Great Product Ideas for Your Dropshipping Business


Starting a dropshipping business could lead you to financial independence. Many entrepreneurs have found success with their ventures and made more money than they can spend.

Sure, reaching that point is not for everyone. Besides hard work, success plays a big role as well. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it comes down to how much effort you put into learning the ins and outs of dropshipping and whether you have the strength to continue despite failing early.

If those boxes are checked, and you are eager to start, do not jump in blindly. Before you commit, spend some time researching the market and picking a product idea. Here are some suggestions to help you find inspiration.

Idea #1 – Custom Merchandise

You can dropship custom merchandise. This idea has been trending for quite a while. Some people like to utilize print-on-demand products as gifts; others order them for company outings. For example, it is nice to see team members wearing matching t-shirts.

Besides, you can take advantage of tools like a free merch maker and test to come up with interesting designs that have the highest chances of selling. Or, as an alternative, hire a graphic designer and turn the business into a joint venture. 

Looking at the list of the TOP10 items sold on Printify should give you an idea of what merchandise is the most popular. It is no surprise to see custom t-shirts at the top. Face masks are also worth giving a shout, and it does not seem like this trend will disappear soon, given the ongoing pandemic worldwide.

Of course, you do not have to focus on the most popular products. If anything, newcomers should look for markets that are not as saturated. Something like phone cases or hoodies may be worth giving a shot first before you move to the popular print-on-demand products.

Idea #2 – Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty products are also on the rise. People want to look their best, but not everyone is willing to risk damaging their bodies by consuming potentially dangerous products.

At the same time, not every manufacturer who advertises themselves as someone making all-natural products is true to their word. Therefore, if you decide to try this idea, make sure to work with suppliers that produce truly natural beauty products.

Idea #3 – Smart Home Devices

Technology continues to change our lives, and smart home devices are one of the most recent examples. 

Dropshipping smart home appliances is a good idea despite this being a competitive market. You can expect to see new devices created in the future, and being one of the first to promote them would give you an advantage over the competition.

As for now, you can try your luck with security systems, voice assistants, cameras, thermostats, and other appliances that make one’s home smart. 

Idea #4 – Drones

The drone industry is worth considering, given how popular it is. And it does not seem like the popularity trend is going to stop any time soon.

In addition to those who use drones for entertainment, you should consider how many industries require drones as work tools. Delivery companies, filmmakers, and photographers are a few examples. Even someone like a football team needs a drone to film footage which a coaching staff can analyze to improve the tactics and prepare for the upcoming games.

Competitive drone racing is also a popular pastime. Not only do drone enthusiasts need the drones themselves, but they would be eager for an opportunity to add some accessories to their favorite devices. Therefore, your options are not just limited to drones if you decide to stick to this niche.

Idea #5 – Handmade Accessories

Handmade accessories also have their place on the dropshipping market. Get in touch with talented artists you find on social media and other platforms and offer them a partnership opportunity.

Not all accessory creators have the knowledge to make money selling their craft. But if an opportunity presented itself in front of them, they would be happy to make the most out of it.

Collaborating with just a few talented artists should be enough to have a constant supply of accessories you can dropship and make money for both parties. 

Idea #6 – Pet Products

It would be impossible to count every pet owner in the world. What is clear is that there are many people who love their pets and are not afraid to spend money to improve the lives of their pets.

Be it collars, doghouses, natural dog or cat food, clothes, or other accessories – there is money to be made by dropshipping pet products. And since the market is so wide, finding a niche that is not that competitive should not be that much of a problem either.

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