How to Build a Healthy Routine When You’re Stuck Inside


Though vaccines are on the way, it could take some time before life returns to normal. In the meantime, it’s winter, the threat of COVID-19 remains and it’s safer to stay indoors.

However, if you spent most of 2020 cooped up, you might be ready to go mad with cabin fever. Here’s how to build a healthy routine when you’re stuck inside so you can return to everyday life feeling refreshed and ready to tackle what’s next.

Activate Your Mind

2020 had even adults taking to social media to whine, “I’m bored.” Fortunately, you can do plenty to keep those neurons firing on all cylinders — here are three ideas.

1. Learn a New Language

Have your lips uttered nothing but English since your high school French class all those years ago? Why not use the time at home to improve your ability to “parlez vous?”

This challenging mental activity can also help you beat loneliness. There are tons of apps to choose from, and many allow you to connect with others who are starting their English language learning journey. You can form online friendships and help each other perfect your ability to speak like a native.

2. Make Some Automotive Upgrades

If your ride is your pride, why not take this time to upgrade it? If nothing else, having a little automotive know-how can save your behind when things open back up and you finally depart on that long-overdue road trip. If you’re a newbie, start with everyday tasks like learning how to change a tire faster than a pit-crew member.

Once you have that mastered, you can improve your vehicle in more practical ways. Want to increase the capacity of your truck? You can install some heavy duty coil springs. Interested in playing your favorite music through a new pair of speakers? Look online for resources that’ll help you with that kind of DIY project.

3. Take an Online Course

Are you one of many looking for work after pandemic cutbacks? Even if you held your position, it never hurts to pad the old resume. Sites such as Udemy let you take professional development courses for as little as $10 apiece. You could even master an unrelated skill, like animal reiki, if you want something completely different.

Move Your Body

Did you gain the dreaded “quarantine 15?” You don’t need to head to the gym to get a terrific workout when you can sweat it up at home.

1. Invest in Equipment

If money isn’t a concern, you can invest in a Peloton, but you don’t need a bankroll to workout at home. Stock your pad with inexpensive equipment such as Bosu balls, hand weights and resistance bands. If you must have a treadmill or other cardio piece, check sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, where you can often pick them up on the cheap.

2. Try Out a New App

There’s an app for everything these days, including fitness. Some, such as DailyBurn, offer various program styles from yoga to HIIT. Others focus solely on one method, such as cardio dance. Nearly every version costs far less than a gym membership, and many let you try before you buy.

3. Master Bodyweight Moves

You don’t need any equipment or trainer at all to move your body. You can get a complete workout using nothing but your body weight. Squats and pushups are free, and plyometrics also get your heart pumping. Once you master the moves, you can work out in front of the television, making your Netflix binge much healthier.

Celebrate and Soothe Your Soul

You are a mind, body and spirit creature — please don’t forget your soul when designing your healthy indoor routine.

1. Start a Yoga Practice

You might think of yoga as flexibility training, and it is. However, it is also one of the best ways to mend the mind-body connection. Psychologists now use the ancient technique to heal sexual abuse survivors who often dissociate so much from their bodies that they lose touch with pleasant physical sensations. You can find thousands of free videos on YouTube and a style for everybody, from gentle, sleep-on-your-mat yin to athletic ashtanga.

2. Adopt Meditation

Meditation is another excellent practice to nurture your spirit, and you have many styles from which to choose. Like yoga, you can find plenty of free resources on YouTube.

Mindfulness meditation teaches you to stay present in the moment, helping to stop the racing thoughts that so often lead to unwise decisions and regret. Guided meditations harness the power of visualization to help you achieve your goals or recover from trauma. Transcendental meditation allows you to clear your mind by focusing on a mantra.

Build a Healthy Routine When You’re Stuck Inside With These Tips

If you have cabin fever, you aren’t alone. However, you can build a healthy routine when trapped inside by tending to your mind, body and spirit.

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