How To Make An Office Feel Like Home


At most times, leaving your cozy warm home and going to the office will make your heart hurt a bit, especially when it is cold outside. But there is just no avoiding that, you have to work. So, to make working a bit easier for yourself, why not make your office feel like home? Here are things you can do to make your office feel cozy and homey. 

Put Up Inspiring Art

One of the best and simplest ways you can do to make your office feel homier is adding some textures to your walls. Add art pieces that will make you feel peaceful and relaxed, that will bring up the overall vibe of your office. It will still keep the office looking professional, but it will have that warmth that it was lacking. 

Adding Some Greenery

Adding plants is not only a way that you can do to make your office feel like home, but you will also make it a healthier space to be in. Keep in mind that if your office space doesn’t have a lot of light, you should pick plants that don’t need much sunlight to survive. 

Find A Smell That Makes Your Feel At Home

No matter if you have chosen your favourite candle or diffuse essential oil, it will completely change the feeling in your office space. Pick smelled that will remind you of being at home. By picking those smells that make you feel cozy, you can also help make yourself productive during the workday. 

Adjust the Lighting Situation

Most offices don’t have good lighting that can be really harsh and stressful. Something that you can do to make that harsh lighting is to add your own accent lamps. If the overhead lighting is a bulb and you can change it, choose a warmer bluebell like an Edison bulb. But if you can’t change the lighting, add your own lamp that will warm up space and make it feel homey. 

Create a Relaxing Productivity Playlist

There is nothing that will alter your mood like music. You can make anything from a rainy-day playlist to a dance party playlist and listen to it to make you feel relaxed and productive. If you have the option, you can even bring your own record player or something that will make you feel like you are listening and working from the comfort of your home.

Choose Furniture Pieces That Remind You of Home

When it comes to the furniture in your office, look for something that will have the same vibe as your home. Have things like a love set or a small couch where you can relax during your break. If that doesn’t do the job for you, you can take it to a whole another level and install your own bidet toilet seat to make yourself feel at home. 

Add Personal Things

In the end, your office space should feel like you. That is why you should personalise it. Bring photos of things that make you happy, some quotes and even decorate with some meaningful objects. 

Keep a Cozy Blanket Around

The easiest step of them all is having your own little cozy blanket at work for those extra cold days. It makes you not only warm and cozy but also make you feel at home and relaxed. 

Add a Cozy Rug

Adding a nice cozy rug in your office will immediately make your office feel homey and comfortable. If you want to bring more liveliness to the office space, you can add a fun colourful accent rug. You can even pick the same one you have in your home. Having something soft and cozy underfoot will make you feel less stressed. 

Having to travel from your warm and cozy environment every morning to an office space that is not good looking will make it more of a chore and you just don’t want to be there. But when you put some effort into creating an office that makes you feel like you’re at home will make that a bit easier. An office that feels like home will make you more productive. It will also help your overall wellbeing

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Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a content creator, but her ultimate passion is design and creation. She is also a bibliophile and her favourite book is “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner. Follow her on Twitter.

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