Ways to Make Your Workplace Design Reflect Core Business Values


The most important factors in your physical workplace are functionality and practicality. However, it’s also smart to use your space to market your overall brand. Everyone who comes to your headquarters, no matter if employees, clients or business partners, need to read your company values right from the way you designed your space. But that’s not an easy task for an average employee. If you need some help with the design, here are some ideas that will reflect the core values of your space.

What are your values?

Before you start working on the design, think about what values you want to show off to the world. Ask yourself and your employees about your company’s values and try to make a good connection between your brand and your customers. Once you have a list of your values, you can start translating them into your designs.

Show off your values

For instance, if your list of values contains family, you can work on creating a kid-friendly office both parents and children will like. On the other hand, if your company focuses on fun, diversity and community, you can design a game room where your employees and clients can strengthen their bonds and chill out together. Make sure to show off your ideals no matter what. If you say you value family and then provide parents and kids with zero benefits, you’re not leaving the best impression.

Pay special attention to lighting

When it comes to interior design, lighting is often neglected, so let’s start with this feature of the space design process. A few table lamps with warm light bulbs will create a very intimate and cozy atmosphere in your workspace. On the other hand, plenty of natural light and bright LEDs will awaken the spirits and boost everyone’s mood. So which lighting better fits your brand? If you want to show off values like hard work, health, safety, eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency, consider looking into these industrial options for lighting that will give you high-performance lighting with modern and minimalist aesthetics. Make sure to consider lighting first, since it’s hard to change the “vibe” it creates later.

Use colors to your advantage

Color is one of the most important branding factors, so make sure to incorporate your color scheme into your workspace to highlight your values. But don’t be scared to move beyond your logo palette to evoke the right emotional response. If you’re aiming to put your eco-friendly values in the center of your design, go with green. On the other hand, if you want to highlight luxury, deep purple might be your best choice. Study the Philosophy of Colors to help you with this step.

Be bold

Everyone is familiar with Google’s office slides. They are iconic and clearly reflect that the company values creativity and fun. So, why not go bold with your design decisions to leave a strong impression on your visitors and employees? You can go big with wall decoration and create a mural of your core values. Or you can go high-tech with monitors that play reviews from happy customers to show off your respect for those that keep your company alive. Keep in mind that every bold design move needs to be there for a reason, mainly to send the message about your company to the world.

Stay true to what you do

Your office design still needs to be appropriate for the sector you’re in. Just like your home reflects who you are, your workspace needs to reflect what you’re business is all about. For instance, it’s not exactly appropriate for a law firm to have a play space with slides and video games. Equally, an entertainment and marketing company is almost required to have a fun and creative side represented in its office design. It’s important to stay in your lane, but don’t shy away from interesting and bold designs that will set you apart from the competition.

Hire pros

You want to do this right since the future and reputation of your company rest on your brand and office design. It’s normal that you don’t know exactly how to tackle your office remodel, so it’s smart to hire pros to do it correctly the first time. Professionals know how to show off your business values through design and give you the edge over the competition. Trying to do everything yourself will cause unnecessary stress and money loss, but more importantly, it will result in an unsatisfactory outcome. Interior designers have experience in designing office spaces, know what questions to ask and how to capture your company’s essence, especially if you know your core values to the T.

Well-designed office space will impress your visitors and help with employee retention, so make sure to invest in the right aesthetics for your business. When your visitors see your values from the moment they walk in, they will know they found a transparent, responsible and trustworthy business partner.

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