Tips for Bringing New Hires Into the Fold


The best companies and institutions look out for their employees starting on day one. As a business owner or school principal, for example, you probably recognize that those you have hired should receive support and instruction early on so they do not falter. The best start begins with a sound orientation, including procedural instruction. While you should allow time for workers to learn the finer nuances of their positions, you should at a minimum provide the following guidance for the first few days.

Go Over Procedures

Every place has its own rules and operational requirements. In addition to having to grasp these specific procedures, new workers will be anxious about fitting in. You need to address both concerns. First, provide very detailed instructions that include expectations, timelines and operational guidelines. Second, offer your insight into the company or institutional culture. Emphasize its history, mission and vision. Don’t be afraid to speak about intangibles you have observed as well, without getting into the personalities of each coworker.

Provide Basic Survival Notes

It can be easy to overlook rudimentary day-to-day operations; realize, however, that no new employee wants to ask continually about these. For example, when the company that installed copiers brought its technology solutions Jackson MI to the office, the technicians explained how the machines function. Make certain that those types of overviews are presented by someone who was there at the time.

Make Connections

Along those same lines, get your senior team leaders involved in the training. By having them assume these roles, they will feel they have a stake in the success of any new hires. This is an important concept since it should result in their showing a willingness to follow up in the days ahead; they will feel responsible for any failures. Additionally, these leaders can provide further introductions around the office after those you make initially.

Make Them Feel Welcome

Most important, you need to let your new workers know how happy you are to welcome them aboard. You may consider calling as many of your teams together to make that first introduction, giving a welcome speech in the process. You can boost the spirit of good fellowship by pointing out the strengths of the new hires while noting those of others in the organization.

Most importantly, start the new additions out slowly on top of providing a great orientation. By letting them get their feet wet rather than throwing them straight into the deep end, you can ensure they will quickly dive into their work with confidence.

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