How To Get Featured On TikTok’s (FYP) For You Page: 8 Effective Tips For Small Business Owners


Every TikTok content creator’s main objective is to feature their videos on FYP(For You Page). As an entrepreneur who knows that the platform is a necessary marketing gear in upcoming years and is spending time on TikTok, how will you feature your content on FYP?

Here, we have gathered all the tips and tricks to feature your video content on TikTok’s For You Page(FYP). Let’s jump in.

What Is FYP On TikTok?

The For You Page(FYP) is the home feed of TikTok, and it’s the first page everyone gets when they launch TikTok. The algorithm of TikTok’s FYP is similar to Instagram’s Explore Page. Here, users can get countless video content depending on their behaviors and previous video content they’ve engaged with.

Why Should Businesses Care On FYP?

In simple words, getting the video contents on FYP is the perfect way to maximize TikTok views and increase the followers count. It helps to achieve your business objectives, like increasing sales and cost-effectively gaining new customers.

8 Effective Tips For Small Business Owners

What do your small businesses need to do to make the algorithm of TikTok feature your video content on FYP? 

Here are the eight practical tips to hack the algorithm of TikTok and place your small business on the For You Page:

    1. Upload Videos regularly

If you make and upload more videos on TikTok, there is a high chance of featuring your video on the For You Page. No one knows which video content will trend and acquires more views. So, it’s always best to upload unique content to get your video on the FYP. 

    2. Make Suspense Video Contents

You will get many trending video contents on TikTok’s FYP in the suspenseful and shocking ending theme. Create many suspense video contents and push the viewers to watch entire content to know the result. If you make your viewers watch your content till the end, then the TikTok algorithm quickly features your content on the FYP.

    3. Engage After Uploading

It’s a great trick for all the social media networks. It’s always very crucial to engage or capture your fans, especially after uploading your content. A promising sign is that you need to spend nearly 25 minutes after uploading your content on TikTok to engage or capture your new visitors, followers, and comments on your content.

    4. Join In The Challenges

Challenges on TikTok have a few crucial points: a viral song, a hashtag, and your distinct spin on a challenge. Watch contents on FYP to notice what songs and challenges are trending at current. Then recreate the content yourself with a distinct spin that fits your business. The best tip is to make your own challenge following the platform guidelines.

    5. Gift Faithful Customers

Thank them for their sincere support if your customers are in TikTok and posted video content about your small business. For instance, the Ocean Spray customer’s content went viral(gets over 55 million views in a short period), so the company gifted a stunning new truck to him.

     6. Use The Trend Sound

Music is the crucial factor for experiencing TikTok, and utilizing trending music & songs helps your business to play on the For You Page quickly. TikTok displays the trending music, and if you get content with a music or sound, then tap the title of the music and save it to the folder “Add To Favorites” to use it later.

     7. Mention Hashtags On Your Content

While no one understands how the algorithm of TikTok works, all know that users can play video content via hashtags. So, we can’t skip this strategy. You get noticed a lot of hashtags for a post on Instagram nowadays, and your sudden intuition is to bring more hashtags on TikTok also.

But the shorter looks better for TikTok’s FYP. Don’t give the above three hashtags for your content. Keep your video caption clean & simple. Also, make sure that the hashtags are trending or relevant to your content. TikTok gives every hashtag with the views count and shows the FYP viral hashtags like a small fire icon.

    8. Ask Your Audience

Did you feel shy to ask the audience to give a like for your video contents? Not on TikTok. Users on TikTok get many ways to build the video views and features on the FYP. For instance, many video captions are like, “if the video acquires enough likes, then I will go for part 2”. It’s an acceptable way to increase TikTok engagement with your video content.

Just go behind these simple tricks to place your small business play on TikTok’s FYP page. Grab your content with more exposure than it deserves.

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