How to Remain Productive When Working From Your Bedroom


The new normal has seemingly come to stay. Whether you are working full-time remotely or have a hybrid schedule of both in office as well as your home, it’s imperative you optimize your home office to the best of your ability. If you have smaller living quarters, your bedroom may be the most realistic option when it comes to setting up your computer and other desk details. There are plenty of ways to get the most out of your small desk space. Creating a few habits will also do wonders for your production and professional appearance to your coworkers. Keep reading for a few tips and ideas to ensure you have the most beneficial workspace.

Establish a cleaning routine

Having a clean environment is crucial to productivity. Cleanliness will have a direct impact on your overall mood and frame of mind throughout your workday. With small knick knacks or a week’s worth of laundry surrounding you, it can subtly hinder your progress throughout the day. Not to mention, the look behind your Zoom calls can make you seem unprofessional with a cluttered workspace.

If you find yourself too busy throughout the day or without the proper tools to actually keep your space clean, there are new solutions that allow you to multitask. You can use online services to get cleaning products delivered, like disinfecting wipes,Pledge, and other essentials to help you keep a clean home and work space. Once they arrive, you can even opt to take a small break to tidy things up for the time being. It can be a great way to break up your day!

Create a structured day

During working hours, avoid treating your office for what it is, a bedroom. This includes, but not limited to, working from your bed, staying in your pajamas, or becoming distracted from a book you’ve been reading. To ensure you avoid distractions, be sure to create a structured day to follow.

Start by waking up early enough to be able to get ready for the day. It can be far too easy to roll out of bed 5 minutes before starting and just turning on your computer as is. However, treating the day as if you were heading into the office can trick your brain into thinking you actually are. If you are really struggling with creating this feeling, try setting aside 20 minutes to be treated as your commute!

Take breaks as you would in the office

A surprising aspect you may have not realized you’re missing out on, is the social interaction you receive when working with your coworkers. Whether it’s the walk to the kitchen or simply stopping and having coffee with your team, there are endless opportunities to have a small, but needed break from work.

While working from home, you may find yourself constantly finding yourself becoming distracted. With our phones and TVs right within our reach, it’s the perfect fix we’re looking for. However, these can become time consuming distractions and prevent us from being completely productive. Instead, opt to call a friend for a short 15 minutes or take a walk around the neighborhood. There are so many ways to take a healthy step back for a few minutes. Instead of ignoring these desires to remain productive, try feeding into them and get it out of your system. Be sure to limit screen time during these short breaks.

As you perfect your day-to-day routine, the most important thing to consider is finding what works best for you! We’re all different when it comes to working from home, so when you figure out the most optimizing set up, commit to it!

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