Amenities for Your Break Room: 10 Fun Ideas


Most break rooms already have a coffee machine, microwave, fridge and seating. While these amenities are useful, they don’t exactly set the scene for team bonding or provide a sense of community. If you want to boost morale and create a relaxing atmosphere, you might have to think outside the box.

By adding pool tables, sleep pods and a few other sought-after amenities, you can create a healthy workplace environment and a break room that your team will want to spend time in.

1. Coffee Station

Roughly 63% of American adults drink coffee every day, so it’s no surprise that most office break rooms already have a coffee station. However, many could probably use an update.

If yours consists of a coffee maker and an empty carton of half and half, it’s time to give your station a facelift. Stock up on artisan beans, syrups and creamers and add an espresso machine to put a pep in your workers’ step.

2. Beer Keg

Many businesses have embraced the trend of breaktime happy hours and beer kegs in the office. While this break room amenity may not suit all offices, it does have the potential to add a bit of fun and relaxation to employees’ days.

Plus, light alcohol can make your team happier and friendlier, helping them bond and collaborate more effectively.

3. Dartboard

If you’re going to put a beer keg in the break room, you might as well add a dartboard, too. This classic bar game will spark some friendly competition between workers and give them another reason to take their break.

Be careful to set it up away from the doorway or other high-traffic areas, so no one ends up with a dart in their arm.

4. VR Games

Some offices like to cater to their gamer population by putting video games in the breakroom. While Call of Duty and Fortnite fans are sure to appreciate this addition, not everyone will use this amenity. Promote bonding and get the most out of your breakroom investment by adding virtual reality goggles and games. Most people will be curious enough to try VR, even if they’ve never picked up a controller in their life.

5. Workout Equipment

If your employees spend most of the day sitting at their desks, they may be experiencing fatigue and lack of focus. Of course, this setup can seriously impact workplace productivity and overall job satisfaction. Get your team moving with a workout room or a break room with some exercise equipment. Even a few minutes of exercise can increase productivity and boost their mood.

6. Pool Table

Pool tables instantly bring people together and create a welcoming atmosphere in any space. As employees gather around to play a friendly game of pool, they’ll likely engage in more conversations than they would if they were sitting at a table eating lunch.

Stock your break room with all necessary pool table accessories and watch your team let down their walls and get to know each other.

7. Sleep Pods

Not everyone enjoys being social during their midday break. To accommodate those who would rather disappear to a dark, quiet corner of the office, consider adding some sleep pods to the break room.

These ergonomic chairs feature a visor or door to block out light to help employees get some quick shuteye. Add some speakers with ambient music and a salt lamp or two to set the mood and help employees relax.

8. Massage Chairs

If your employees aren’t big on cat naps, but would still like to relax on their break, add a massage chair to the break room. Set it to run for 10-minute intervals, so everyone has a chance to relieve sore muscles and forget about their responsibilities for a bit.

Set up an essential oil diffuser from Revive and maybe even a fridge stocked with vitamin-infused waters to help employees replenish their energy and care for their entire body.

9. Free Snacks

The whole reason employees go to the break room is to eat lunch and decompress, so why not provide some free food? Keep a fruit bowl on each table, stock the fridge with cold brew coffee and tea and remember to restock it each week.

You might even add a popcorn machine or a slushie maker to encourage employees to take their breaks. Throw in some free chocolate to stimulate blood flow to the brain, and you’ll become everyone’s favorite boss in no time.

10. Books and Crafts

Creativity and productivity go hand in hand. Without an appropriate balance, you might discover a general lack of innovation and focus in the office. Boost creativity and stimulate staffers’ brains with adult coloring books, chalkboards, books and more.

While coloring and doodling on your break may seem childish, it can reduce stress, improve mood and sharpen problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Tap Into Your Team’s Interests

Every team member is different, and what sounds like fun to one might seem dull to another. As you add amenities to your break room, you want to pick ones your employees will genuinely enjoy using.

Therefore, it’s crucial to tap into their interests by using a suggestion box or having them fill out a survey. Doing so will help you garner ideas and choose a few everyone will love.

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