Profitable Work from Home Jobs in 2020


There has never been a time in history when people could choose what they want to work for a living or pursue any chosen career without facing limitations, as they can today. The place of residence, the average wage in the country of residence, or the availability of quality education are no longer a hurdle for those that want to work for an international company, make a lot of money, or become professionals without a formal education. With modern technologies and the internet allowing all of the mentioned, we could already imagine a world where people are no longer required to gather in one place in order to learn, work, or achieve something.

However, adapting to the “new normality” these days, speeded up this process and forced us all to take advantage of remote work. Most industries completely shifted to the online sector and as it turns out, remote working is efficient and fun. This trend has also led to new career opportunities arising in the online world and rather very lucrative ones. For instance, people that have started working for some of the best cam sites are said to earn as much as $1000 a month on average.

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To demonstrate the most profitable job opportunities we have put together a list of the most popular online careers these days which are most likely to predominate in the following years also. 

#1 Online Tutoring

The current world events are seriously reshaping all educational processes. Not only that all students around the world are studying remotely, but due to the restrictions of people gathering in groups in brick-and-mortar schools, education, in general, has migrated online. From yoga classes to playing an instrument, all types of learning and recreational lessons are held online which leads us to the most in-demand job of 2020 – online tutoring. This gives the opportunity to everyone to offer a certain type of tutoring online and see if there is a demand for the same.

Whether you are a professional of some sort or you run a successful blog online, chances are there will be someone who wants to learn from your expertise or experience. Statistics say there is a high demand for language tutoring, and business consulting particularly, however, any skill that you are proficient at can be of benefit to someone out there. The best part about tutoring is that you enjoy the freedom to organize the schedule as it best suits your needs, decide on your hourly rate, and the number of students you will take on. 

Online tutoring was on the rise even before the pandemic changed our reality, however, from now on, chances are that this practice will stick with all people. Therefore, the decision to polish your second language skills or work even harder on your guitar playing skills can promise a seriously good income. 

#2 Social Media Manager

Social media have become an inevitable part of our lives. There is no need to emphasize the immense popularity of all social media platforms. However, being aware of that, one should think of ways to make money from all the time spent scrolling through the newsfeeds. Well, why not turn your hobby into a lucrative career? 

Working as a social media manager is an easy job taking into consideration the fact that almost anyone is familiar with how these platforms work. Most businesses are looking for a way to engage their customers and followers and form a community around their brand so there certainly is no shortage of clients to work for. A job as a social media manager requires consistency and an eye for trendy and engaging posts including photos, videos, and cool stories that will encourage discussion among your followers. 

Managing social media accounts for several clients can be profitable, very interesting, educative, and also challenging. The best part is that it does not require previous experience while the job itself will bring many opportunities to learn and grow. This experience can lead you to start working with paid ads campaigns and gain serious communication and technical skills that can be applied in your future jobs as well as enhancing the chances of making even more money.

#3 Freelance Content Writer

This would be the most fun and most useful career one can pursue these days. Being a skilled and experienced writer is a career one should look forward to even if it seems like a temporary solution. The high demand for content writers is not going anywhere anytime soon, and one can always make some extra money writing articles for a business or independent blog.

Whether considering yourself the one who has the flair for a good story or you are the curious know-it-all type, you will enjoy working as a freelance writer. This job brings opportunities to gain knowledge in any field during your research and writing. It might be difficult at the beginning if you are not an experienced writer, but as one becomes faster and more efficient in creating engaging content it transforms into an easy, fun, and quite profitable skill to have. If you are a professional in a certain field or particularly focused on a niche, you can represent yourself as an expert content writer in a particular industry/field. This way you will write content focused on one niche only and increase your chances of making better money. 

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#4 Web Developer

If there is but one industry that shapes our lives and future, that is the computer science industry. People working as web developers are looking at the most lucrative and demanded job positions in this day and age and for the foreseeable future. Career opportunities as a web developer are numerous, from app design, web design, creating useful software from scratch, these are the people that make our work from home possible. 

The best part about becoming a web developer is that you can start learning anytime with so many courses available online. Different from the jobs mentioned above, you do need some serious skills to be competitive in this field. Therefore, if you can invest some time in learning computer science, you are looking at a profession that can always and in any circumstances offer a remote job that brings great income.

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