How to Help Your Employees With the Transition Back to the Office


As lockdowns start to lift across the country, many businesses are starting to find a way to create a new normal for their workers. There is a sense of understandable trepidation among workers who are coming back and it is up to business owners to help ease them back in. If you’re looking to help your employees transition back to the office after lockdowns, you should consider taking the following actions

Get Employee Feedback

The first step in making your employees feel better is to gather feedback. Figure out how many of your employees are comfortable returning to the office as things currently stand then ask what would need to happen for the rest to do the same. Sometimes the things that concern your employees may not even be on your radar, so gathering this kind of information can truly be invaluable.

Stagger the Return

Next, look at staggering the return of your personnel to the office. Your goal should be to normalize getting back to work and sometimes the easiest way to do this is to ease people back in. Ask your employees to come back to the office in shifts or only on specific days of the week. As a bonus, this will give you time to test out your safety precautions with a smaller group of employees.

Invest in Coronavirus Disinfection Services

Your employees will almost certainly be concerned about the conditions in your office, so make sure that you help them out by working with a
coronavirus disinfection service that can come in and clean out your office. Such a disinfection service will not only make your employees feel safer, but working with them helps to show everyone that you’re taking the safety of your business seriously.

Take Reasonable Precautions

Finally, make sure that your employees know that you are taking reasonable precautions. Scan temperatures as employees come in, ensure that everyone wears a mask, and do what you can to encourage social distancing. Take steps to cut down on meetings and to encourage employees to work from home if they feel like they might have been exposed to the virus. All of these steps can go a long way towards making your office feel safer.

While there’s little you can do to make things perfectly safe, you can take steps to help your employees transition back to the office. Get feedback, ease them back in, and then take the steps necessary to keep them healthy. Things will start to feel normal faster than you might imagine.

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