Hosting an Outdoor Event at Your Workplace: 6 Points to Remember


There’s much to consider before you throw a party for your workplace. That’s especially true since COVID-19 continues to remain a threat. Fortunately, you can still host a fun and safe gathering. With a little preparation, you can create an exceptional outdoor event your co-workers and supervisors will enjoy.

Here’s a look at six points to remember for your outdoor work event.

1. Check Local and State Guidelines

Have you checked your city or state’s recent coronavirus guidelines? It’s common for these regulations to change often. Therefore, you need to stay updated. You can look at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations to ensure you take proper safety measures for your guests. As a result, you’ll know how many people can gather together at one time.

Be prepared to modify your approach as circumstances change. There may be a COVID-19 spike near you that urges officials to place further restrictions.

2. Discuss Safety Expectations

It’s imperative to communicate with your guests about safety expectations. In your email blast, you’ll want to detail every precaution you plan to take. You should also include information on what you expect from every person. Will they be required to bring their own mask or gloves? Don’t forget to mention points like arrival time and seating arrangements. You can never offer too many details amid a pandemic.

If you plan to require a negative COVID-19 test, you need to give your guests enough notice. It may take a week or two for everyone to get their results.

3. Consider Inclement Weather

An outdoor party requires you to think about potential weather risks. Because 31% of heat-related deaths are caused by exposure to natural heat, you’ll want to create a space that offers adequate shelter. A pop-up tent can be a useful way to provide protection from various weather incidents. You should also consider finding a spot that lets you walk indoors and outdoors. This way, you have more flexibility.

You can keep your guests updated on potential bad weather, too. Then, they can bring protective gear like umbrellas to stay dry.

4. Provide Enjoyable Entertainment

Your event won’t be complete without entertainment. Therefore, you should aim to provide a few options for your guests. They may not be able to interact like normal, but you can still offer different activities. Try a game like corn hole for contactless fun. You can also provide live entertainment through a band so your guests have something to listen to and chat about from their seats.

That said, you don’t have to go overboard. A work event will still be fun without specific games and activities. As long as you have music, you can make sure everyone has a nice time eating and talking for a few hours.

5. Figure Out Food and Drink Options

Your food and drink options should be prepackaged, if possible. Otherwise, your guests may hesitate to consume anything they didn’t open themselves. You can try a local restaurant or catering company for your event needs. This way, you can support a small business that may need help due to the pandemic. 

Ask them to prepare individually boxed meals and cocktails. Your co-workers and supervisors will have an easier time if they can easily grab their food and drinks and take a seat. Don’t forget to supply wrapped utensils, too. This option does create more waste, but you shouldn’t have people pick their forks and knives from a big container.

6. Decorate to Create Social Distancing

You may be able to use your decorations to promote social distancing at your event. For example, you can incorporate signs that guide people toward different spots. You should try a similar approach when you create your seating arrangements. Lay out blankets for guests to set up picnics with their food. If you set up tables, you’ll want to space them out appropriately.

Consider weather risks, too. If it’s hot and sunny, you don’t want your guests to swelter. It’s all depends on your situation. In any case, you’ll want to decorate your area thoughtfully. Your work will pay off when everyone can easily flow through the space.

Use These Ideas to Throw an Unforgettable Work Party

There are many things to think about when throwing an outdoor event. However, you can achieve a great party with a little preparation. Use these ideas to make your gathering as safe and fun as possible.

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