A Few Elements to Marketing A Business


Marketing is a powerful tool that companies can use to grow their business, enter new markets, and find new demographics to generate more income. One of the ways businesses try to increase their exposure, build awareness, reach new audiences, and connect with potential customers is through marketing campaigns or initiatives. The ways companies and businesses decide to market their products and services is unique to the way they position themselves, and to the offer they put out. Each company, product, and service has a variety of different benefits, features, and advantages that they can offer. Connecting them to the wants, needs, desires, and problems the customer is having is one of the key pieces and elements to a successful marketing and a successful business. The audience you’re going after, the message you have, and the medium you decide to market through are three of the elements of marketing a business.

1. The Audience

Each company, product, or business has a specific audience or demographic that they are trying to cater to. Whether it be large, small, or miniature, the product or service a company is offering is usually created to help a specific or certain set of people. The problems they have, the difficulties they experience, and the obstacles ahead of them are opportunities for businesses to create solutions. The people out there who are looking for help or looking to find a way to solve one of their problems are often the people who you are trying to cater to, the audience your selling to, or the demographic your targeting. The size of the audience or the target demographic will play a role in how big the company can grow. The bigger the audience, the bigger the opportunity for a business, and the larger a business can grow. The smaller the audience, the less a business has to grow and develop.

2. The Marketing Message

Companies are able to communicate with their audiences in a variety of different ways. Whether it’s through their advertising, their content, or their brand image, there are lots of different touch points for companies to communicate with their target demographic. The marketing materials a company puts out depends on the type of message they want to send, the type of response the way to invoke, and the type of identity they’re looking to build or establish.

The message companies use in their marketing is an important element to finding new customers and reaching the correct audience. The types of headlines they use, the types of images they use, and the format of their advertising or marketing can speak to the type of customer or demographic they’re trying to reach. If they use the right type of message, and their audience takes notice, or is looking to solve a problem they can help with, they can end up with new customers from their marketing. The words they choose, the benefits they offer, and the problems they are able to solve is what’s going to connect them to the audience who has them. By using the right words or displaying the right benefits to the types of customers or people who are having the problems they can solve, the message they decide to use can pull in people into their marketing funnel, and possibly become paying customers. The message is the bridge that gets people who weren’t aware, or who were having that problem, to the company or the people who can help them solve that problem.

3. The Marketing Medium

There are lots of different channels, platforms, and mediums available to businesses to market their products or services. The target demographic that companies are looking to connect with and transact with are already utilizing various media outlets, media networks, or media sources. Depending on the product, the service, and the target demographic you’re trying to cater to or connect with, will determine which mediums might be the most effective, or the most successful. Certain demographics or people use more platforms than others, and as a business, you’re going to want to be marketing or spreading awareness in the places where your target customer or demographic reside. That means a specific news channel, a certain a certain social media, or a certain city or town, the place you display you’re marketing, or your advertising plays a role in how effective your marketing or advertising will be. Aligning your message and your marketing to the correct channel can position your company or business to generate leads, revenue, or income through the marketing or advertising you’re displaying. Finding that balance, or the right connection of the message, audience, and medium might take a few tries, but once you’re able to figure out what works, and where it’s effective, then you can decide to scale it up, and increase the amount of exposure or spend you’re currently utilizing with your marketing.


Marketing is an aspect of business that has the opportunity to help any company. It can be one of the many ways a company is able to grow their reach, increase their awareness, and enhance their exposure to their target demographic. The various media channels and outlets that are available today allow you to market directly to many different customers, segments, and demographics. You’re able to narrow down and target people with certain criteria, certain traits, or certain characteristics.

The best ways to market vary with each business, each company, and each target demographic. Finding the channels that are effective, and the message that resonates with your audience, and the medium where your audience is located takes some time, trial, and error to figure out. Finding the right match of message and medium has the ability to attract the types of people you’re looking for, and the types of customers you’re looking to serve. Whether you’re business is in accounting vs finance, real estate vs construction, or sales vs technology, marketing can help a business continue to grow and expand their companies reach, and their companies bottom line.

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