How To Make A Memorable First Impression During A Virtual Interview


Times are strange right now and full of adjustments, so the interview process isn’t what it once was. One of the main differences is how prevalent virtual interviews are becoming. As more and more companies switch to remote work, standard in-person interviews are slowly becoming obsolete. For some, this could be completely new territory. It can be tricky to know how to make a lasting first impression when you’re unable to shake the interviewer’s hand, so keep reading to learn how to stand out as a memorable candidate in the new virtual application process.

Set Up A Professional Space

Unless you already have a designated office in your home that has no distractions in the background, it’s important to set up a clutter-free interview space. You want the focus to be on you during your interview, not your surroundings. A cluttered or messy space can also signal to the interviewer that you’re unorganized and they may unknowingly judge you based on that. Make a great first impression by creating a minimalist workspace that is quiet, gets a strong Wi-Fi signal, and has minimal distractions from roommates or family. This will show the interviewer that you’re professional and already have a proper work from home space set up if they hire you.

Boost Your Confidence

Before an interview, and just in general, it’s important to take care of your appearance. Give yourself a confidence boost to look and feel your best during the process of finding a job. Start with one of your most important assets, which is your smile. A simple smile can make a world of difference and show that you’re an approachable person. As such, if you need to fix your smile, you can try cosmetic dentistry greenbelt md for various cosmetic dental treatments. Practice your smile by looking in the mirror and becoming comfortable with seeing yourself while you talk, because that’s what usually happens during a digital interview. Consider any insecurities that you may have, like facial blemishes or hair loss. You don’t want your insecurities to distract you from performing well during an interview, so work to improve them. There are many ways in which you can do this, some include using a weekly detoxifying face mask to help clear up your skin or buying a hair loss treatment such as finasteride that may help treat any hair loss, or slow it down. Confidence is key, so you’ll want to make sure you look and feel your best for an interview so you can focus on what’s most important; proving that you’re the best candidate for the job.

Dress For The Job You Want

When you’re interviewing from home, it can be easy to want to look presentable up top but wear pajama pants and slippers on the lower half of your body to be more comfortable. However, this method of dressing for a digital interview can truly impact how you perform and cause lower self-esteem. Take time to get ready the morning of your interview and dress to impress. This means putting on an ironed shirt and slacks at the very least. Make sure that the color you choose doesn’t wash you out in the video camera lighting. If you’re unsure of what to wear or haven’t gone shopping for professional clothes in a while, consider using an online styling service so you can feel sophisticated in your business wear. You never know if there’ll be a reason that you need to get up during the interview and you wouldn’t want to expose an underdressed lower half. Do yourself a favor and dress in something that makes you feel confident, so your outfit is one less thing to worry about.

Log On Early And Have Questions Ready

For in-person interviews, it’s standard practice to arrive around 15 minutes early, but for virtual interviews, it can be hard to know when to log on. Depending on the software and settings the interviewer has chosen, you may be able to log on before them, and in this case, you should log on about 10 minutes before to make sure your technology is working properly. If the meeting requires the host to log on first, then test your connection beforehand and log on right when the clock hits the meeting time. Be sure to have the interviewer’s contact information in case of any technical issues. Being prepared and arriving early to the virtual interview will prove your time management skills and alert the interviewer that you’ve been able to adjust to these new times. Additionally, prepare a list of questions beforehand so that you can fix any lulls in the conversation. Preparing questions that directly relate to their company shows that you did your research and you have an understanding of the company’s previous work and their values.

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Interviews typically start with the interviewer saying something like “tell me about yourself” and this is your chance to shine and prove that you’re a standout candidate. They’ve already seen your resume, so come prepared with what you’re going to say about yourself that expands beyond the paper. This is also your chance to highlight your personality so don’t be afraid to humbly brag about yourself. If you’re able to, research who you’ll be speaking with beforehand so you can include something in your intro that they’ll be able to relate to and remember. Having a unique and well-prepared elevator pitch will make you stand out and show that you’re serious about the position you’re interviewing for.

Keep in mind that this is a new process for most people, so be open and adaptable to the situation. Things might not run perfectly, so don’t be afraid to say if you missed what the interviewer said because of poor internet connection. They’ll be impressed that you’re assertive enough to say something and that you’re serious about obtaining all of the information they have to offer. Be yourself and let your energy shine through the screen, even if it seems intimidating at first. Virtual interviews aren’t as bad as you may think once you have some experience, and you may even find that you prefer them more than in-person interviews. Good luck and remember how great you are! 

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  1. Virtual interviews might seem like foreign territory at first, but you can overcome that anxiety by studying tips from online guides (like this one – net-boss org/how-to-pass-any-interview) and practicing them at your next interview. And remember, the most important thing you can do is come prepared and be yourself, so you can find the job that’s right for you.

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