Top Ways to Reward Employees for Exemplary Work During the COVID Crisis


It is difficult to work during a global pandemic. That is why your employees who faithfully worked during the Covid-19 crisis should be awarded. There are several things that you can do in order to award your employees for their extra efforts.

Handwritten Note

A handwritten note can mean a lot to someone. This is also an inexpensive way to award your employees because you only need ink and paper. A handwritten note acknowledges the hard work that the employee has done while showing more personal attention to their efforts. Of course, handwritten notes or cards from work are more meaningful when they include a gift card or trinket to show that you as a company truly value their efforts and are making significant efforts to reward them despite the hard times.

Office Party

If you are allowed to have gatherings, then you can have an office party. Office parties are not only a lot of fun, but they also help people forget about all of the stresses of working. The best way to do it in any condition would be to keep it small with just the employee’s work team and, if relevant, department. Of course if you’re hoping to celebrate many employees across departments, you can have each work team schedule and plan their own celebration. This helps prevent the old cliché of just sitting through a generalized congratulatory presentation and allows employees to truly relax and bond with coworkers. If you still aren’t able to meet in groups, you can also arrange small Zoom parties and give everyone gift cards or a personal budget to order the food of their choice.


A plaque is a great award because it allows your employees to show off their achievements and decorate their workspace with their success. Not only will this help your employee feel appreciated for the exceptional work they’ve done, but it will also continue to act as a reminder of your appreciation when times get tough later on. You should also get personalized engraving on the plaque rather than a generic store-bought trinket. This will give the award special meaning and help your employees feel you are giving their efforts personal attention.

Time Off

Everyone deserves to take a break every now and then. People who are overwhelmed with work often want to take some time off. They want to be able to go on vacation and spend time with their family. That is why you should award your employees by giving them more time off. While this may not be possible during the busier times when you need the revenue, slowdowns in business create the perfect opportunity to let everyone catch their breath and recover from the increased workload that they’ve endured.

Hard work deserves to be rewarded. Whether you’re giving them time to relax through time off or a party, or hoping to show your appreciate through personalized gifts and cards, it’s important to recognize those who have made sacrifices during the hard times so that your company can continue to thrive. Showing your appreciation takes the sting off of their sacrifice for them and shows that you do not take their efforts for granted.

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