Simple Ways to Communicate Better With Your Customers


Communication, both internal and external, has always been the core of every business. Without clear lines of communication, your business couldn’t develop relationships with clients or customers, nor could it develop effectively. 

Nowadays, communication between businesses and customers or clients has become vital. This is especially true today when the world is plagued by the virus outbreak that affects everyone. In these dire circumstances, customers and clients are worried about their relationships with companies, as well as worried about the future in general. 

That’s why online communication is essential, especially since people can remain updated even in isolation and quarantine. That said, businesses should always strive to improve their communication with customers. 

The main reason is that customer experience, service and support are key to businesses success these days. With that in mind, here are a few simple ways to communicate better with your customers or clients.

Be accessible 

Nowadays, it’s vital to be everywhere your customer may be. When it comes to online communication, being available on multiple channels is very important. That way, customers can reach out to you through their preferred channel, which provides more convenience to them. 

However, it’s very important that you provide the same level of service and support for every channel you use to communicate with your customers or clients. Here are a few examples of best practices for effective communication on various channels:

  • Website or blog – Use a live chat feature so that customers can ask questions or seek support immediately.
  • Email – Keep customers and clients updated with regular newsletters, as well as answer their questions on time. 
  • Social media – Avoid automated responses and make sure you answer questions on time and in an orderly fashion.
  • Phone calls – Don’t put people on hold for too long and make sure you provide customers with proper assistance.

Ask for feedback

Communication is a two-way street. You must be able to meet customer or client expectations when communicating with them, but you can’t do that if you don’t know what their expectations are. The surest way to discover these expectations and more is to simply ask them directly. 

Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback. Asking for feedback is beneficial in more ways than one. For example, customers will appreciate that you asked for their opinion in the first place. Online consumers generally prefer when businesses take an interest in their needs.

Moreover, you’ll be able to improve your communication efforts based on their input, which makes them appreciate you even more. The same goes for clients. Asking clients for feedback strengthens your relationship with them and helps you better manage their needs and expectations.

Report regularly

Keeping your customers or clients updated is of vital importance. Customers want to know about what’s happening with the products stocks, deliveries, orders and work hours during the global crisis so that they can adequately prepare. 

On the other hand, clients want to know what happens to their investment and their projects now that every industry is suffering losses in some way. Global crisis or not, updating everyone is simply a must. 

This is where reliable reporting software can really come in handy, especially if you have clients to update. You can report to them about the current situation, as well as about predictions for future developments regarding projects, marketing campaigns and so on. 

Things may have slowed down now, but the crisis will eventually pass and the show will have to go on. That’s why it’s vital to maintain the relationships you have now so that you can get back on track once all of this is over.

Mutual understanding

It’s no secret that you can’t please everyone. Communication is, therefore, the key to handling the situation as seamlessly and as effectively as possible. 

As mentioned before, communication is a two-way street, which means you must make an effort to meet client or customer needs while making an effort to help them understand that there are certain limitations to what you’re capable of. 

Some may not like this, but you can still make an effort to do as much as you can. For that to happen, effective communication is necessary. Furthermore, you also have to be a bit straightforward, open and transparent. 

Having an open line of communication and having the willingness to make a compromise if beneficial for everyone involved. When it comes to customers, being transparent can go a long way. Even customers who may not like you for any reason will still appreciate you for being honest about it. 


Communication is, and it will always be, the cornerstone of meaningful relationships between businesses and their clients or customers. Communications should, therefore, be improved and nurtured at all times so that everyone can gain something in the end. That’s why companies of all shapes and sizes should always look for simple, yet effective ways to improve communication with their customers or clients.


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    caitlinmccarty says:

    Chantal, thanks for this great read! I agree with all of your sentiments. In my experience, your second point is integral to a strong relationship with your customer. Feedback is huge. I like to ask, how can I further serve you? Putting the emphasis on the client/customer and their needs makes them feel valued and appreciated. Thank you, again, for all of this useful information!

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