5 Must-Have Talking Points in a New Employee Orientation


Most companies offer an orientation for new employees. You have a lot of information to cover with thee employees during this orientation. After all the paperwork is completed, its time to let your employees know all of the important intel. Here are 5 must-have talking point in a new employee orientation.

Attendance Policy

Every company should have a clear attendance policy. Show every employee how to check the schedule if they arent sure. You need to talk about the process of calling off and requesting days off if they cant be there for a scheduled shift. Be sure to go over tardiness as well. You also need to talk about how much vacation time/sick time each employee gets and how to check the status. Go over the policy multiple times so that no one can claim they werent aware.

Conduct Policy

You expect your employees to behave a certain way while on the clock. Discuss appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Things you can go over include appropriate language, cell phone use, your drug and alcohol policy, and sexual harassment.

Dress Code

Employees should dress a certain way for work. You may have work uniforms or a dress code. Go over the code in detail. You should talk about what clothing is and is not appropriate while working. Have a list of unacceptable clothing for your employees to reference. You may have employees that work in different areas have different guidelines. Some areas may ask employees to cover footwear, head coverings, hair if they are working with food or sanitary products. Some have a business casual or business dress code, while some companies provide work uniforms. If you provide uniforms make sure that you have different sizes in stock so you don’t shame someone for their size. They should not feel uncomfortable for asking for a size that fits their body

Important Points of Contact

Your employees may run into a problem during their tenure with your company. If they need assistance, they need to know who to talk to. Make sure you offer up a number of people that can help them.

Employee Perks

Every place of business has some benefits. Make sure you let people know what these benefits are. Talk to them about the perks that come with working for your company. You can include things like fun work environment, free coffee, access or discounts to a gym, and competitive pay. Let them know that they are as lucky to work for you as you are to have them as an employee.

The more your employees know, the easier it will be for them to acclimate to their new role and succeed along with your company.

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