5 Essential Website Pages Every Small Business Site Needs


There are over 1.7 billion websites on the internet.

If you want your website to stand out in the crowd and accomplish what it’s meant to, like convey important information and sell a service or product, then there are certain pages every small business website needs. Without these pages, there’s a higher chance the visitor will leave your site because they couldn’t find the information they were after.

In this article, we’ll cover the five vital website pages you should have on your site.

  1. About Us 

If you’re wondering, “what should I put?” for your About Us section, it’s simple. You include pertinent information about your brand if you are a company. Include details like the year the business was founded and why it was established.

If you’re a freelancer, you can get more personal with this page. List any credentials or past work experience that help to verify why you’re the right person to choose for the service you provide.

If you find designing your About Us page difficult, use a professional bio example to help you.

  1. Contact Information

Of all the small business website examples you’ll look through, you should notice one similarity: they always display their contact information.

Feel free to include your contact details somewhere at the bottom of the home screen, but also be sure to designate a separate landing page to contact you as well. This will allow people to fill out an email form and submit it from your website.

  1. Product or Service Information

Whether you’re a company or a freelancer, you need a landing page to detail the product or service that you’re selling.

Without this vital page, people will be left wondering what you really do or if you’re credible. If people aren’t able to research in-depth details on a product or service that you sell, they won’t feel confident enough to make a purchase. You want to have an informational website that helps to answer any possible questions your customers may have. Another aspect worth mentioning is that it seems not to be considered when optimizing websites for search is internal searches. Have you ever wonder about what you could be missing by skipping that little detail? If it is your case, find on Fast Simon‘s website all you need to cover it and get it fixed the right way.

  1. Testimonials or Reviews

If customers can’t find any testimonials or reviews that vouch for your product or service, they won’t have the confidence to purchase. Over 90% of people read an online review before they shop at a business.

After you’ve gone past the realization of “I need a website for my business”, the next thing you should concern yourself with is gathering positive reviews.

  1. Blog

If you need a website for your business, then you also need a blog.

Blogs are the driving force behind content marketing. If you want to help improve your site’s ranking in search engines, you need to post content to your blog that is search engine optimized (SEO). Otherwise, your website will fade into obscurity amidst the hundreds of thousands of other business sites out there.

Build Your Website Pages With Confidence

Include these key elements as website pages on your site and you’ll be fast on your way to ranking in the search results and converting traffic into sales. Be sure to deliver engaging content that will be useful to any visitors who happen upon your website. This will help ensure you don’t lose out on converting leads into repeat customers.

We hope you found this article on website pages helpful. Take a moment to browse around for other interesting reads before you go.

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