5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Quickbooks


Did you know that 60% of small businesses aren’t profitable, and over 80% of failing businesses attribute failure to cash flow problems?

If you own a small business, proper accounting procedures are crucial. Most small business owners aren’t accountants, and hiring an accountant is expensive. 

What if there was another way? There is! Try a comprehensive, easy-to-use accounting software. 

Quickbooks is the answer you’re looking for, and here are 5 reasons you should choose it for your business. 

1. Keep Track of Expense Billing

You must keep track of client-related business expenses when passing those costs to the client. Your integrity is paramount. From mileage expenses to travel, there are many client-based expenses. 

Quickbooks offers a feature that makes keeping track of client expenses easy. Input the expense and save it right to the client account.

No more leaving money on the table because you forgot which expense goes to what client account!

2. Manage the Money

Quickbooks helps you go paperless while managing your money. All businesses have recurring invoices. Quickbooks small business features easy input of all the details for each invoice.

Link the software program to your business bank account and write checks straight from your computer. All invoice documentation is right there for easy auditing. 

3. Automatic Receipts and Invoices

Do you bill more than one client for the same service? Quickbooks makes it easy! Bill customers individually or in one large batch. 

Track all sales and generate both invoices and receipts with the click of a button. Save trees by sending electronic invoices and receipts right from the program. 

Depending upon which version you invest in, Quickbooks takes credit and debit cards. You can even scan checks straight into the program. This saves time and reduces keystroke errors. 

4. Generate Reports

Generating expenditure reports, year-end reports, and forecasting docs is a painful process. Quickbooks takes the pain out of these reports, creating them automatically after you input the parameters. 

Once you’ve got the report, export it straight to a spreadsheet. You can send it via email to all necessary parties. This saves time and money, saving tons of paper too. 

5. Ease of Use

Quickbooks is a user-friendly accounting program. Upon setup, there’s an orientation guide that walks you through the many features. Cloud based multi-user accounting is one of the popular feature among the CPA`s. QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting supports multi-user remote accounting. Learn more about it from desktop as a service providers.

This exceptional accounting software reduces your need for outsourcing your bookkeeping, thereby saving you money. Quickbooks also facilitates interdepartmental collaboration through a central database. 

You can even customize the software based on local tax rules. 

Your Small Business Needs Quickbooks! 

Increase your odds of small business success with Quickbooks accounting software. Keep track of your invoice expenses in one easy place. 

Manage money, pay invoices, and automate receipts and client invoices all at the touch of a button. Generate reports that make decision making easy and more accurate. 

The software scales as your company grows taking the worry out of future accounting. 

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