9 DIY Ideas for Your Next Workplace Event


You’re in charge of designing the next team-building exercise in your workplace. You want to make it fun, but also meaningful for attendees. A mere invitation to happy hour won’t do — you want something with a little more pizzazz. 

Why not have the crew work on a DIY project together? Crafts created with the help of these crafting ideas can allow you to showcase your creativity and hone your collaboration skills. It also leads to laughter as you learn on-the-go. If you want to learn more different crafts and DIY projects you can do with your family make sure to check here for more information.

With that in mind, consider these nine ideas for your next workplace event. 

1. Wabi-Sabi Crafts 

The Wabi-Sabi aesthetic embraces the beauty in imperfection and impermanence. It encompasses practices like kintsugi, or unbreaking, where you put shattered pottery back together with golden glue. To perform this craft, you’ll need epoxy paint and some gold enamel — or, if you’re on a budget, dollar-store eye shadow. 

Make a square box out of castoff cuttings from the hardware store. You can transform old, cracked 4x4s into a shelf to display your kintsugi wares. 

2.Wooden Utensil Box 

If you choose this craft, send out a safety reminder to staff members. When using woodworking tools, you must wear safety glasses that meet OSHA standards. You should also consider earplugs, a respirator and gloves. 

To make this craft, you’ll need to use a saw to cut out the sides and bottom. Then, use burlap and glue for decoration. Experiment with different materials for decorating your boxes — perhaps some acrylic paint or a pretty ribbon? Also try to source reclaimed wood for an environmentally friendly option.

3. Ice-Dyed Clothing

If your department rocks the hippie vibe, ice-dyed projects make the ideal team-building exercise. Ice dying creates a similar effect to tie-dying, but it’s a bit more random. Think Jackson Pollack rather than exploding starbursts.

You can create anything from custom pillow covers to staff shirts. This DIY craft can get messy, so make sure to wear old clothing. 

4. Brown Sugar Skin Scrub

The holidays are here! However, a lot of offices are eliminating gift exchanges due to financial stress. Why not get in the spirit with a festive craft that colleagues can give as gifts? 

You only need two ingredients to make this skin scrub — brown sugar and coconut oil. For the perfect stocking stuffer, put it in a repurposed mason jar and tie it with a pretty bow. 

5. Webbed Seat

Do you have staff members who love to go to flea markets and yard sales on weekends? If so, teach them what to do if they find the perfect chair with a few imperfections. For example, say it’s missing the seat.

You’ll need some sturdy cotton or nylon webbing, which you can find at craft stores, and upholstery nail heads. Go with a rustic brown or off-white look. You can also get creative by weaving different colors. 

6. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

It’s cold outside, and your feathered friends need nourishment to make it through the long winter. Don’t feel embarrassed when the glass clinks into the recycling bin from your evening Merlot. Repurpose it by turning that empty wine bottle into a bird feeder. 

The only danger you face from this craft? Spending hours at the window watching your creation, waiting for the first robin to return. 

7. Coastal Seashell Wall Art

Have you ever stood at a department store, ogling the beautiful seashell decor and wondering how it would look in your bathroom? Why pay high prices when you can collaborate with colleagues and create a handmade work of art? 

You can find many of the materials for this team-building activity at your local dollar store. The rest you can locate by combing the beach. 

8. Music Sheet Lantern Decoration 

Lanterns add a romantic touch any time of year. You and your crew can have a blast making a holiday version of this craft, allowing you to illuminate your home with a soft glow. 

The best part? The craft is suitable for any holiday this time of year. If you come from a multicultural heritage, you can make a version to honor all parts of your background. 

9. Holiday Apple Wreath

Apples bring to mind fall, but this craft can grace your door any time of year. You can even add apple blossoms to welcome back the spring. Alternately, you can insert holly leaves and pine branches to give your door a winter feel. 

The Best DIY Ideas for Your Next Work Event

If you’re in charge of corporate team-building events, why not make them fun and memorable? With the nine DIY crafts above, you’ll motivate your staff and get them excited to work together. 

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