The Daily Rituals Of Famous Women


Eat, sleep, win, repeat: This chart reveals the daily routines of 36 mega-successful women.

Some of us work best when they freestyle through their day, answering when inspiration calls. But many of us function nest with a sense of routine: daily plans and rituals to help us work, rest and socialize.

In fact, most successful people through history had regimented (and sometimes downright bizarre) routines that kept them on top of their game.

This got the folks at NeoMam Studios thinking – how do some of the world’s most inspiring women plan their busy schedules?

A new book from Mason Currey, Daily Rituals: Women at Work, details how 143 celebrated writers, artists and performers shaped their working days across the years. Inspired by Currey’s insights (and with some extra research of our own) NeoMam Studios decided to visualize how these 36 successful women spent their days.

This project has been commissioned by BodyLogicMD, healthcare professionals specialized in helping those who want to feel better and improve themselves.

Our goal was to uncover the behind the scenes of the daily lives of some of the world’s greatest female minds (both past and present). We hope to encourage you to think about your own routines and perhaps consider new ways in which you could structure your day, from your morning routine to your bedtime habits -because if you’re thinking of making a change to get the most out of your life, why not follow the example made by these outstanding women?

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