9 Easy Ways To Boost Your Salary Potential


The job market is a competitive place, taking up to a minimum of a moth to land a job, even with a college degree. Not to mention, competitive benefits like work from home privileges, dog-friendly offices, and having a full-blown coffee bar to give you energy on those late nights in the office. Companies have the upper hand when it comes to making an office the right fit for a candidate, but what can applicants do to stand out in a sea of competition?

Mint created an infographic on 17 tactics and skills to increase your earning potential to help you land that job, get that raise, and grow your overall skill set.


In order to stay relevant in the workplace and to give yourself better growth opportunities, stay on top of emerging skills that are important in your field. Not only does learning new skills help keep your mind sharp, but it also gives you a better chance at increasing your salary potential. This increase not only allows your company to save and invest more, but the additional income can help you free yourself of financial stress and set you up for future success.

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