Top Tips to Be an Effective and Powerful Girlboss


Being a woman in business comes with its own fair share of obstacles. Even though there are many powerful women entrepreneurs out there, it still sometimes seems as if we have to work extra hard just to prove ourselves. Because we all deserve to be the ultimate girl bosses we were born to be, here are the top tips for being the most powerful and effective you can possibly be.

Believe in Yourself and Your Business

Starting a business is tough. There will be moments of rejection, when somebody doesn’t fully understand what you’re doing or when a potential investor flat out dismisses your idea. Even when you have moments when you feel as if you’re doubting yourself, continue to push through and believe in the ultimate vision of your business and brand. There’s the saying, “hard work pays off” for a reason. Liora Dudar, co-founder of oVertone, a hair color company that specializes in creating at-home hair dye, believes in this as well. As quoted in a USA Weekly interview, “Remember that you are the expert in your business, and you are the authority on what you want to accomplish. Have confidence in that.” No matter what obstacles you may face, if you truly believe in your business, the rest will follow.

Have a Strong Support System

Being a woman in business can sometimes feel emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting. For those times when you’re feeling down and out, having the right support system will be an amazing comfort. Whether it’s your significant other, your family or your close friends, your support system will be there for you in good times and bad. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you as much as you do, sometimes maybe more, will only help to make you feel as confident as possible.

Balance is Everything

“Live a life that is well balanced; don’t do things in excess.” Creating an effective work-life balance is sometimes the hardest thing to effectively maintain, especially if you have a strong passion for your line of work. But achieving a healthy balance to both your work and personal life is essential in having you be the best kind of boss possible. No matter how busy or stressed you get with work, separating yourself from your work even for a little while can be helpful. If you have trouble creating balance, give yourself some ground rules. Always make it home for dinner with your family or use your weekends to actually enjoy yourself. No matter what the ground rules may be, finding at least a little bit of balance within your life will pay off in the long run.

Communication is Key

In order to be the best kind of girlboss possible, it’s so important to keep the lines of communication open. No matter how small or how big the subject may be, communication ensures that you’re all on the same page and will prevent any cloudiness or misunderstandings. It will also be widely appreciated by your staff, showing that you’re not only an effective leader but one that is an expert in communication as well which will result in an even better company morale.

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