Protecting Your Online Privacy As A Telecommuter


Between 20% and 25% of U.S. employees work from home some of the time. Meanwhile, 5% of employees telecommute from home on a full-time basis, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Census. However, with a recent Alfresco survey revealing that 98% of employees track what their employees are doing online, it’s essential that you take action to protect the data stored on your computer to prevent your home life and work life from colliding.

Use your employer’s VPN

Worldwide, 400 million businesses and individuals use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to encrypt their data and to maintain privacy online. When you log into your organization’s VPN, their company data is encrypted, which prevents hackers from finding a way in and stealing valuable company information. As such, it’s also worth using a personal VPN when you’re using your computer for personal reasons as this will protect your personal data online and maintain your safety.

Set up multiple user accounts

The average household contains 3.14 persons, according to Statista. And, if you’ve got children in your family home, then they’re more than likely going to want to spend time browsing the net, catching up with friends online, and watching their favorite videos. But, when your family PC is also your business, you should ensure that everyone has their own user account. Most PCs will let you set up as many accounts as you require, which will allow your entire family to some privacy. Meanwhile, you should ensure that you set up both a personal and a business one for yourself. By doing this, there’s no risk that business documents will be saved over with your personal data, or that your private documents accidentally end up being stashed in your business folder and forwarded onto your boss.

Have more than one device

The majority of employers will give their telecommuting employees a company laptop to work from. However, for optimum security, it’s best to only use this laptop for business purposes. 87% of employers confess to accessing their employees’ email, according to Inc, with 34% even admitting to spying on their employees’ social media habits. With this level of tracking going on and the potential for your private family photos, messages with loved ones, and even the state of your bank account to be accessed, it’s essential that you keep your work and private life separate by using two laptops or PCs. If your employer expects you to use your own laptop to complete your work, then for your protection and security, it’s advisable to invest in a second device.

With so many American workers now being given the luxury of working from home, it can increase the likelihood of your family’s personal data being accessed and your privacy compromised. As such, you should make every effort that you can to safeguard your personal information, and even consider investing in a separate device to be used for work purposes only.



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