Recruitment Trends of 2019 and Beyond


Every time another year begins, it’s been standard practice to identify the trends that may change the game in whatever industry you’re in. And with progress moving at a fast pace along with all the technological advancements going on, you can bet even the HR industry has recruitment trends to watch out for.

Industry changes continue to create needs, which in turn generates new jobs. These changes have always been a concern of the workforce, particularly when it comes to their skills. Will their professional skills measure up to any jobs of the future? The answer may lie in recruitment trends that happen year in and year out.

It always pays to be prepared. Armed with the knowledge of these trends, you’ll be able to adapt when needed. Expect these trends to be focused on technology and all the wonderful things it can bring to the recruitment table. So, don’t be surprised if artificial intelligence is at the frontlines, introducing automation and machine learning capabilities to improve HR and recruitment processes.

Virtual reality is also expected to burst into the scene, turning the hiring and onboarding process into a more refined undertaking. Data privacy is definitely on the list, with HR and recruitment personnel holding all these personal information in their hands.

It seems that there’s a lot in store for the HR and recruitment industry. To give you a more in-depth look into these trends, check out this handy infographic.


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