The Software Your Small Business Needs To Succeed!


Is your business still using manual methods to keep records, and allow everything to continue ticking over? It’s time to get into the 21st century, as you could be doing more harm than you realize! Manual methods are tedious, time-consuming and have the risk of human error- all of which could be costing your business. Now is the time to get on board with good computer software. Here are a few that you could consider for your small or medium sized business, or if you are a start-up.

CRM Software/ Project Management Software

Impressing your customers and keeping them happy is key if you want them to come back. Providing great products/ services at realistic prices is one way to do this. But there are other things you can do too. Giving people a more personalized experience is one example. Customer relationship management software can help you to achieve this. It includes emailing voucher codes on customer’s birthdays, recommending products based on previous purchases and even targeting ads to their preferences. This is likely to lead to better interaction, and therefore more sales and profits for you. CRM software can sometimes be integrated with project management software- but actually, it can be best to keep the two separate. Something like Jira test management tools is useful for test cases and ensure your business stays organized and up to date. While CRM and project management software have similarities, there are profound differences too meaning things will run smoother if you use both separately.

Human Relations Software

Human relations in general covers everything from hiring to firing and is of course an important aspect of your business . To assist the human relations team, HR software includes everything from absence management to employee records, shift planning and even advice on employment law. There’s no need for paper diaries or huge files of information to be kept when using this. Everything is all in one place, you have peace of mind that you’re on top of staff management and are following the law.

Legal Software

Legal advice is always expensive and is something that can be problematic for smaller businesses. However, you can avoid some of these costs with the use of legal software. Instead of having to meet with to a lawyer every time you need legally binding documents creating, you can use the software instead. This will allow you to use e-signatures and provide legal advice too. You will still need a lawyer in some situations, however, it can save you costs and keep everything running smoothly.

Accounting Software

When you run a  business, you absolutely have to keep good accounts. If you go wrong here, particularly when it comes to your tax return you could end up with a penalty, severe fine or in some cases a prison sentence (if the government believes you have done this purposely to avoid paying). You will still need an accountant to bring everything together for you, but accounting software helps to keep the daily records neat and organized. It means there’s less for your accountant to do and is therefore cheaper for you.

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