Workplace Perks: What to Look For and Why They Matter #Infographic


Today’s workers want more out of their careers. Younger generations especially crave jobs that are fulfilling and fun, not just sitting at a desk all day. Workplaces are responding with incentives packages designed to appeal to talented workers and help them maximize their productivity.

What could be wrong with that? Well, it turns out, the new problem is that many employees—and even employers—don’t know which workplace perks are the most helpful.

This collection from the team at Company Folders will show you the top ten workplace perks and why they matter most.

Workplace Perks: What to Look For and Why They Matter #Infographic

Pretty cool, right? Now, here’s what you’ll want to do next: don’t try to find a job that offers all ten of these perks. You’ll spend the rest of your life looking for that unicorn.

Instead, think about your lifestyle. Ask yourself questions like, What are my passions? What do I spend my free time doing? Who is most important to me? Once you’ve got those things in mind, go back to the list and pick the two or three perks that will be the most helpful to you.

Maybe you care about the environment and want to work remotely so you can save fuel. Maybe you’re overcoming mental health obstacles and want an employer that’s willing to help you reach your goals. Maybe you want to blow off steam in an on-site gym or game room.

Whatever your passion may be, look for jobs that let you combine those interests with your work. You’ll be much happier and healthier, and your boss will appreciate your newly increased productivity.

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