Things to Consider Before Expanding Your Workforce


Things to Consider Before Expanding Your Workforce

As your business grows, you will want your workforce to grow and expand with it. This is important because a larger workforce can help a business fulfill its potential. But there are all kinds of challenges and difficulties involved in hiring a large number of new employees. When you are thinking of doing this, it’s best to take on the challenge slowly and think carefully about what to do. If you rush into it without thinking through all the implications and difficulties, you’ll only regret it later. A task of this size and magnitude is always worth doing slowly and properly.

There some key issues in particular that you will need to give some thought and consideration to. Keep reading to learn all you’ll need to know about these key issues. Then you can think about how they relate to your business and the plans you have for expanding your workforce.

Research the Labour Market

What is the current state of the labour market in your particular sector? If you can’t answer that question, then you need to carry out some research before you start to think about hiring. You can’t expand your workforce without first of all understanding the state of the labour market. If potential employees are thin on the ground, you will have to pay more to hire the right person. It could be worth waiting until conditions in the labour market are more favourable for your business. The research you carry out could help you decide the strategy that you will use for your hiring process. For example, it could better to headhunt candidates rather than putting out adverts.

Office Dynamics

Every office has its own dynamic. You should think about this dynamic and the harmony among your employees when hiring. You don’t want to hire people who might disrupt the office harmony and cause office relations to become fractured. That’s why you shouldn’t just think about the skills and experience of the people that you hire. You should also find out about their character, work attitude and how they fit into your existing workplace. This can be just as important as anything else when it comes to hiring new people. Work hard to maintain the office dynamic you have because once it’s lost, it can be difficult to recapture or recreate. It’s not easy to get that dynamic right, but it can be done and it is definitely worth the effort to keep it up.

Which Skills You Need Most

Before you hire, you should be thinking about which skills you need most of all. There are some skills that you need more than others in your business. If you are only able to hire a certain number of people, think about which types of employees would add the most value. These are the types of employees that you should be focusing on hiring first of all. The less important roles and vacancies can be filled later on. So, don’t try to fill them all in one go if you don’t have the money to make that happen. It’s much more sensible to move slowly and in a sustainable manner for the good of your business.


Hiring a new team of people is a big task, and it’s an expensive one too. The cost implications of hiring people will have to be taken into account. If your business is doing well, and you need new staff to meet demand, then you should be able to afford it. But if you’re not sure about how secure the business currently is, then now is probably not the right time to expand. Work out how much it will cost the business in the short-term. The short-term costs will probably be negative. But this kind of undertaking is all about the long-term interests of the business. So, don’t let the short-term implications of hiring people put you off. As long as you have a good plan in place, the investment should pay off.

Employment Law

Hiring people means having to think about employment laws. And when you’re hiring a lot of people, there are probably a lot of contracts that will need to be drawn up and signed. If you fail to follow all the right employment laws when you do this, you could find that your business is taken to an employment tribunal. It might be a good idea to hire a lawyer who specializes in employment law to help you through the entire process. If you want to do that, you can find out more at this link. It could be the difference between hiring people legally and making a terrible mistake.

Space in the Office

The physical space you have in the office needs to be considered carefully too. If you don’t have the space that will allow your workforce to work side by side, then the business will suffer. When employees are cramped and having to work on top of one another, it makes everything more difficult. It could even lead to arguments and frustrations in the office, and that’s not good for the overall morale. If you’re serious about the expansion, then it might be necessary to expand the office space too. Employees should be able to freely move around their workspace. As a result, choosing an office space is extremely important not only for the growth of a business but also for the productivity of its workers turn If you are a Philadelphia-located company, then you can look for a Philadelphia office space for rent that is close to large markets, has manageable tax rates, and there is strong local government support for early entrepreneurs. Moving into a new office space is a big undertaking, and it will have to be done before you start the hiring process. Making sure you have the right office equipment in place is essential too.

Management Demands

Hiring new people often means that you need to hire new managers too. Having a larger workforce means that there are more people for your existing managers to manage. This is not always easy for them, and they might need some extra help. If the demands placed on your manager or managers is too much, they won’t be able to carry out their jobs properly. Consult with your managers and see what they think about your plans to expand the workforce. You might need to reassess their remits. Or you might have to hire another manager to ease the workload. It’s best to plan this in advance to avoid any problems later on when you have an expanded team in the office.

How a Larger Workforce Affects Revenue

Doing the sums is not just about thinking about how much it will cost to hire new people. It’s also about thinking about the other side of the equation. You need to consider how much extra revenue the business could make from having a larger and more highly skilled workforce. This is important because it will guide your actions when expanding the business. In theory, you will be able to expand your sales operation or find new clients to work with. It’s all about making sure that the workforce expansion is worthwhile for the business from a financial point of view. Working these things out can take time, but it’s something that really needs to be done before you start hiring.

Modern Working Practices

When you hire a large number of people, it gives you a chance to reassess your working practices. More and more businesses are changing their working methods to match the needs of their employees. You can give people the chance to work flexible hours that fit around their personal lives and commitments. When people are given this level of control over their working lives, they feel empowered and free to do their best work. This can help the business to get the most out of everyone, and that can only be a good thing for the business’s future success. You could also think about allowing people to work from home. It’s now easy to keep in touch over the internet.

Settling In Period

There will be a period of time in which your new employees will need to settle into their new roles. You can’t expect people to hit the ground running because that’s not always the case. Some people require time to get used to their jobs before showing their full potential. It will only make life more difficult for them if you put pressure on them to succeed and grasp everything instantly. So, put a plan in place that will guide you when you are helping new people to settle in. You could assign each new employee with a mentor who can guide them as they are getting used to the workplace and the job. Give them the time and space they need to prove what they can do.


Sometimes, there are alternatives to hiring new people. For example, you can train some of your existing employees and provide them with the opportunity to grow and learn new skills. It’s worth putting in the time and effort to train employees. It can be cheaper than hiring people who have more skills and experience. And it shows your employees that you are willing to help them progress and move on up in their careers. This matters a lot to most employees. They don’t want to be stuck in a dead-end job. And when they feel that way, their job satisfaction can drop, leading to lower levels of productivity. So, consider these alternatives before hiring a lot of new people.

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