How to Improve Morale and Relationships in Your Office


If morale is low in your office, it can be devastating for your business. You need your employees to get on with each other, work well, feel creative and have a good work environment. When there’s a lack of morale, everyone becomes less productive and are not as good at communicating with each other as they need to be. Team work and collaboration suffers. Some may feel that they are unable to stay in their jobs. But you can still save things if your office is experiencing low morale. As the leader or owner it is up to you to set the example and take measures to turn things around. Have a look at the tips below to see what you can do for your company.

Improve Communication Across the Company

If your staff are struggling to communicate, it could be because communication is difficult. Perhaps they don’t have the right tools available to allow them to convey their thoughts and ideas or keep each other updated. It might be difficult for them to build relationships. It could be especially hard between different levels of seniority and departments. Sometimes, the right software can help you out with this. For example, changing your HR software could help. It could improve relations between your HR department and other employees. Using the right software to communicate what is going in your company is vital for keeping employees informed and up to date. Employees need to know what is going on and what is expected of them. Clear goals, policies and expectations go a long way to improving team work and morale. That way there are no surprises. Everyone is aware what they need to do, why they need to do it and when it should be done by.

Arrange Activities Outside of Work

Encouraging your staff to socialize is important, and it doesn’t just have to take place at work. Arranging activities or a social gathering can help foster better team work and build bonds among employees. Some traditional get-togethers for employees can include a Christmas party or dinner.  You could set up other outings too, which could range from lunchtime activities to outdoor adventure activities. It is also nice to arrange special events for a successful project completion or if a particular company goal is achieved. It shows employees that you appreciate their hard work and contributions. It does not have to cost a lot either. Some companies will organize a potluck or a pizza lunch.

Have Teambuilding Days

Employees might grumble about teambuilding activities. But they can often help to bring everyone together. Even if it might be just because they’re all complaining about the same thing. They can learn different ways of working together and as well as discover and develop leadership skills. It’s useful for you too because you can watch them to gauge the team dynamics. Try to choose a service that can offer your employees an experience that’s useful to them. You don’t want them to feel like they’re wasting their time.

Allow Some Fun in the Office

As well as encouraging fun outside the office, don’t banish it from inside the office. You need to allow employees space and time for having fun (without letting people get too distracted). It’s a good idea to have a break room where everyone can unwind when they’re not busy. As well as facilities for making drinks or heating up food, you can have some fun things to do. You might include a TV, a pool table or even a video game console for them to play with.

By rescuing the morale in your office, you can help to improve everyone’s productivity. It might only take a bit of encouragement to get everyone to working well together.

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