Tips for Finding Reliable Drug Testing & Background Check Services


When a business owner wants to hire a new employee, verifying their credentials is vital. Discrepancies in applicants’ educational and employment credentials are a concern in the USA. To ensure a reliable work ambiance, comprehensive background screening is pivotal. With multiple background check providers in the market, it is challenging to determine a reliable and trustworthy service provider. The accuracy and efficiency of background screening services are of utmost importance. There are a few background checks and drug testing services, like Health Street.

Verifying the Reputation

Before picking a drug testing and background check service provider, researching and verifying its reputation is necessary. Looking for testimonials and reviews from previous clients and customers is ideal. Social media platforms, online forums, and review websites acquire the necessary information surrounding background checks and drug testing service provider. Positive reviews and a strong reputation assure accurate and efficient service outcomes from background screening vendors.

Assessing Friendly Testing Platforms

The functionality and user interface of a drug testing and background screening platform significantly influence the experience. A well-known and reliable service provider offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform for seamless report accessibility and making requests. Furthermore, the background check provider offers a clear and smooth communication, easy data storage and retrieval, and definite instructions.

Evaluating Sources of Data and Information

Drug testing and background test providers depend on multiple resources to gather data and information. The quality and scope of such data and information sources are critical to evaluate. Well-known background check providers have access to an extensive range of employment records, credit reports, criminal convictions, public records, educational credentials, etc. Businesses should verify whether background checks and drug testing providers regularly update their databases and guarantee precision and reliability.

Assessing the Accuracy

The accuracy rate is vital in any background check and drug testing service. The service provider doesn’t offer 100% accuracy, but checking sample reports evaluates the reliability and accuracy. A reliable background and drug screening service provider is transparent about its accuracy. The providers offer references to support their accuracy claims and eliminate reports like false negatives, and false positives. Evaluating the accuracy rates of drug testing and background screening platforms is the easiest way to assure their reliability.

Reviewing Turnaround Time

Time is pivotal when it concerns background screening and drug testing in the recruitment process. Assessing the turnaround time for delivery reports evaluates the reputation of the background screening platform. When a drug testing and background check provider takes a prolonged period to deliver reports, it is not feasible. The service providers must maintain a balance between efficiency and accuracy and offer a practical turnaround time without influencing the quality.

Verifying Customer Care and Support

Reputed background check providers like Health Street offer helpful and responsive customer care and support. Before picking a service provider, evaluating its customer care and support channels, including live chat, emails, and phones are necessary. The quality and promptness of the responses determine the reliability of the provider. A background and drug testing platform that values customer care and support addresses any challenges and issues that arise.

Comparing Service Charges

Price is not the sole influencing factor in analyzing the reliability of drug testing and background screening platforms. But comparing the pricing models of different service providers helps to make the right choice. Studies claim that providers with exceptionally low service charges are better to avoid. A bad hire costs more in the long run. Therefore, compromising on the quality of candidates is a bad choice. Such service providers might compromise the quality of data sources and influence accuracy. It is wise to look for transparent service providers that offer comprehensive reports and competitive pricing.


By following the tips for assessing accurate and reliable drug testing and background check services, businesses pick a reputed service provider, like Health Street. The accuracy and reliability of background screening platforms are pivotal for top-notch hiring. Furthermore, it also ensures the safety and security of the company. It is advisable to research thoroughly, assess, and compare different service providers to find the ideal platform. Background check platforms simplify the recruiting process and verify the credentials (employment records, educational qualification, identity, address verification, criminal records, etc) of applicants.

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