New Study Identifies Over 50% of UK Law Workers Have Been Influenced by Legal TV Shows


Legal dramas frequently portray the highs of the legal field and have affected the public’s decision to pursue a legal career. But which series has the greatest influence? How accurate are they as well? 

An insightful study by EM Law regarding legal professionals and their career choices identified some intriguing motivations.

Over half of those polled said that viewing legal TV shows helped them choose a profession

39% of those questioned believed that their best legal television shows inspired their choice to seek a job in law, while 11% “strongly agreed.”

Neil Williamson, the director of EM Law and a business law specialist, stated, “It’s very interesting to see how many lawyers were influenced by legal TV shows when making their career choice.”

One series they most identified with was ‘This Life,’ which premiered while some members of our staff were still in law school. “We’d appreciate a follow-up on our screens!”

The primary motivator for seeking a legal profession was because of their dedicated passion for the industry, as mentioned by the majority of respondents (in excess of 56%).

More than half of the survey respondents stated that their sincere interest in the subject motivated them to practise law. Given that the average lawyer’s salary in the UK is above £51,000, it’s no surprise that financial desires were the second most prevalent factor, with more than 31% of respondents stating that money was the most important component in their choice to seek a career in law. 

30% of respondents said “Suits” influenced their decision of looking for a career in law

Suits, based in a New York law firm, recounts the story of an assistant who ends up working for one of the finest lawyers in the city, and that ended up being the most influential TV show. With 22% of the total, Law & Order finished in second. 

57% of the participants said their favourite TV show correctly represented a job in law.

Over 57% of those interviewed thought the high and low-stakes legal TV programme scenarios mirrored their real experiences. According to the remaining 43%, the programmes deviated from the truth.

If offered the opportunity, 30% of respondents said they would pursue a job outside of legal services.

Despite having chosen a profession in law for a variety of reasons, just under a third would change jobs if the chance arose. 70% of individuals were satisfied with their present position and intend to continue pursuing their legal goals. 

About EM law: EM Law began in 2013 with one lawyer and one small client. Today, they’ve assisted hundreds of businesses and people in conducting business, overcoming obstacles, and achieving their objectives. 

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