Tips for Improving Your Work/Life Balance


Many talk a lot about work/life balance, but what does it mean? Some people might assume that they don’t need any kind of balance at all because they love what they do, but getting some down time is important for everyone. The tips below will help you better achieve a good ratio of work time to the rest of your life.


People who, as the saying goes, live to work, might think they don’t need to find balance. However, there is value is not having your entire identity tied up in the work you do. After all, someday you might be unable to do your job or want to retire. Making time for other things in your life also helps to avoid burnout. It’s necessary for building relationships. Finally, there are probably other things you want to accomplish in life, and you’ll need to be able to carve out time for them.


Furthering education counts as one of those things you may want to accomplish in life. Whether you already have a college degree or you’re working on your first one, this isn’t always easy to juggle with your job although some companies can be very supportive. Online classes can sometimes help you fit everything in better than going to classes in person. Support from your loved ones is helpful as well. Another concern is finances. Even if your company is contributing toward tuition, you may need to take out student loans to cover your costs. You can visit a marketplace that partners with top providers to allow you to compare different rates on student loans and choose the one that’s right for you.

Loved Ones

If you have a demanding job, you might struggle to carve out time with family or friends. Sometimes, you might have to protect that time fiercely, even if your boss isn’t crazy about it. That might mean always leaving at closing time so you can spend time with your kids, refusing weekend work, or making sure you always take your vacation time. This can all be even harder sometimes for people who do not have families of their own, but you should stand your ground and consider looking for another job if your employer does not respect your personal time.


Many people have hobbies outside of work. Some of them have hobbies that they value more highly than their job, with the job just serving as the means to allow them to spend the rest of their time painting, rock climbing, or rescuing cats. However, even people who are dedicated to their jobs often have other pursuits that are just as meaningful to them. When it comes to achieving balance that allows you to pursue other pastimes, it can be helpful to get a rough idea of how many hours per week you need for your hobbies. If you’re genuinely dedicated to the activity, you could even look to whether a four-day work week of ten-hour days or working part-time with full-time benefits is possible.

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  1. All good points Chantal. Balance keeps things peaceful, from work, to life outside of work, to everything. The trick is to be mindful when you appear to lose the balance. I feel bad, body-wise, whenever I forget to pull back, relax and keep training my mind and body. Blogging is fun but I need to step way from the blog to remain energized


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