7 Signs Your Business Website Needs a Refresh


As technology changes, your website needs to change as well. It’s essential to keep up with trends in web design, coding, and functionality to succeed in this constantly evolving landscape. What once was a great website can quickly become old news, outdated, and not stand out anymore. If your business operates online, a website plays a significant role in your overall marketing strategy. It helps you provide information to your customers, including contact details, location, and services offered. Here are seven signs that your business website needs a refresh.

1. A High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of time your site visitors leave without clicking on a link or making any purchase. When you look at your statistics for specific periods, it’s easy to notice that the bounce rate goes up and down over time. A high bounce rate indicates that your site is outdated, difficult to use, or irrelevant to most visitors.

2. Changes in Products or Services Offered

It’s essential to keep up with the latest news in your industry, but it’s also critical that your website reflects the current offerings of your business. Suppose you are part of a small business, and you see that there’s a new product or service that adds credibility to your company and the value perceived by customers. In that case, you need to have this information on your website. Even if it’s not relevant to all your visitors, it will help increase traffic from search engine results or build a reputation for the business.

3. Outdated Contact Info or Hours

If your contact info is outdated and customers can’t find you, or if you’re closed for business, it is time to update your website. If customers can’t find your phone number or physical address, they will leave a review on the site where the customer support information is posted. This again demonstrates that a business doesn’t stand out anymore and isn’t relevant to its customers.

4. Low Website Traffic

This is a key indicator of your business’s relevance to potential customers. If your website lacks traffic, it can also show that you aren’t doing anything about it. The Internet is changing so rapidly that it’s silly for any business to have its website without the latest tools and resources available, which makes it even more critical for companies to update the information on their websites regularly. The best web design companies in Memphis will help you update your website to meet the needs and standards of today’s technology.

5. Website Has Never Had Updates

If your website has never been updated, customers may not know they can contact you and may be confused by the exact information they see on your website. This is why it’s critical to update your current business information online as often as possible. The more you do this, the more customers will trust you with their information, making them comfortable doing business with you.

6. Inconsistent Branding

Brand identity is your company’s public perception based on the messages and colors you use. Consistency is critical to creating a recognizable brand, and customers need to see this and discover it when they search for a product you sell. Developing a recognizable brand and ensuring everything looks consistent across all digital platforms is essential.

7. Customer Complaints

If the majority of your website visitors complain about something, then it’s time for you to look into updating it. Customers will complain about a busy page that takes time to load or an outdated design that makes the site confusing. They will also complain if they don’t see what they are looking for, can’t find contact information, or get lost in a long sales page and quickly exit the site.

A website is the backbone of almost every company. It’s essential to monitor your site’s stability and ensure it’s up and relevant to customers. Looking at your traffic and bounce rate over time, you can see what needs to be changed. Today’s technologies are faster and allow business owners more flexibility in using their websites.

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