Seduce your recruiters with a powerful cover letter


Are you looking for a job? If you want recruiters to be attracted by your application, bet on the cover letter. Give particular importance to its writing to put the odds on your side. Here are 5 tips to help you write a cover letter that will win over your recruiters.

A cover letter complements a resume

As you already include your resume in your job application, therefore, when writing a cover letter, there is no need to summarize it. Avoid listing all of your experiences. Instead, highlight why you are the ideal candidate for this position.

Tell your story

A successful cover letter is a letter that knows how to tell a story, yours. Therefore, be sure to enthusiastically explain why you are attracted to this position. Sell ​​yourself by indicating why you are the ideal candidate to help the company realize each of its projects.

Write a personalized cover letter

Experts will all tell you that it is recommended to use a different generic cover letter for each of your applications. This, in effect, reflects that you haven’t taken the time to create a personalized letter for each company.

It is advisable to write a letter that really explains your motivation, your enthusiasm for the job, and for the company.

Be relevant in each of your sentences

Be sure to write a cover letter targeted to the position you are applying for. For this, it is recommended to clearly indicate all the qualifications you have to respond favorably to the required skills mentioned in the job offer. Avoid using generic language at all costs.

Prioritize proofreading and ask for feedback

Once you’ve finished writing, think about proofreading what you’ve written. The ideal would be to do it carefully. This allows you to catch any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Ask a family member, friend, or former colleague to review it and give feedback on your writing.

Bonus: opt for the PDF format to send your cover letter

By opting to send your cover letter as a file attached to an email or a submission to a form on a website, it is recommended to save it as a PDF file. This type of file can retain all the formatting used when writing your cover letter.

Some recruiters may also request specific formats like Word. In these cases, use a default font that is very simple in your application file. Arial and Helvetica are the most recommended fonts.

The plan to adopt for writing a cover letter

In order for the content of your cover letter to be coherent and pleasant to read, there is a plan to follow. First, you must first highlight your profile so that the recruiter is interested in reconnecting with you.Thereafter, you must continue writing your letter by addressing your interest in the company, its activity, its philosophy, and its ideologies. Finally, there is the collaboration to highlight the advantage she has of having a profile like yours within her team. Visit this website to find out more information.

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