Tips to Make the Most of Your Time While You’re Traveling for Business


When you travel for work, you need to find ways to use your time efficiently. Planning ahead and using some smart time-management tactics can help make your trip a success. Here are a few things that you should think about doing when you head out on your next business trip.

Join a Hotel Loyalty Program

When you’re booking hotel rooms for business trips, trying to stay within the same family of hotel brands could offer you great perks. When you stay at Westin Richmond, you could earn rewards program points that can get you some savings the next time that you stay at a Westin somewhere or another hotel that’s part of the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program. Loyalty program participants may also be eligible for enhanced access to hotel amenities.

Make Rest a Priority

Any type of travel is bound to present some disruption to your regular sleep cycle. Changing time zones or simply being in an unfamiliar place can throw off your internal clock. Resultantly, you may have a hard time falling asleep. During business trips, it’s also easy to get preoccupied with work or just too wound up to be able to decompress and get the right amount of sleep.

Be conscientious about getting the rest you need when you’re traveling for work. Stay at hotels that are comfortable and well-reviewed. When you’re in a comfy setting, relaxing in a place that isn’t your own bedroom can still come naturally to you. Try meditation to quiet your mind and drift off if you’re having trouble getting shuteye. A melatonin supplement could also give you an edge in getting to sleep without making you feel groggy when you wake up.

Keep Your Energy Up

When you’re tired from traveling, you might be feeling kind of lackluster. You need a full supply of energy in order to do all of the work that you need to accomplish over your trip. Of course, sleep is essential to feeling well-rested and keeping good energy levels. However, work-related stress might drag down your momentum even with a good night’s sleep.

Set aside a little time in your schedule to stay physically active. Regular exercise keeps your metabolism running like it should, so your body will continue converting food into energy at its optimal rate. Find a place near your hotel where you can go for a walk or a jog. Try to book your stay at a hotel that has a gym or a hotel that’s close to local areas of interest that you would enjoy exploring.

Use Your Flight Time Productively 

A lot of people tend to use their time on an airplane kind of passively. When you board a plane, your first instinct may be to just kick back, try to nap, and wait for the flight to be over. Nevertheless, waiting for what comes next is never really a good way to pass the hours no matter what setting you’re in.

Instead of snoozing or letting yourself get drawn into long conversations with your fellow travelers, try to make the most of your time getting some work done. If you don’t have a reliable inflight internet connection readily available, plan ahead and get stuff ready that you can work on offline.

Lastly, while your main purpose on a business trip is obviously work, you should make the most of the opportunity to check out the city where you’re staying. Do a little research before you go so you can plan your outings with some direction and see the places that would most interest you. When you finish up work for the day, go see local attractions and enjoy yourself!

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