Run a Café? How to Keep Your Refrigerator in Proper Working Order


A well-functioning refrigerator is essential for any café. A refrigerator that isn’t properly maintained can lead to a host of problems, including food spoilage, health hazards, and costly repairs. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your refrigerator running smoothly. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to clean your refrigerator coils and keep your fridge free of dirt and dust.

Cleaning Your Refrigerator Coils

Your refrigerator has coils on the back or bottom that help remove heat from the interior of the fridge. Over time, these coils can become clogged with dust and debris, which reduces their efficiency and makes your fridge work harder than it needs to. However, some companies, like High End Service, know that cleaning your coils is a fairly simple process. Start by unplugging your fridge and moving it away from the wall so you can access the coils. Using a coil brush (which can be purchased at most hardware stores), gently brush away any dust or debris that has accumulated on the coils. Once you’re finished, plug your fridge back in and put it back in its original location.

Check the Seals on Your Doors

If the seals on your refrigerator doors are damaged or become loose, then cold air can escape and warm air can enter. This can cause your fridge to work overtime to try to maintain the proper temperature, which can lead to higher energy bills and premature wear and tear on your appliance. To prevent this from happening, check the seals on your doors regularly and replace them if they are damaged or worn. Also, make sure that the doors are closing properly and are not being blocked by something like a bag of potatoes or a box of cereal. 

Keeping Your Fridge Free of Dust and Dirt

In order to keep your fridge running efficiently, it’s important to keep the interior clean and free of dirt and dust. At least once a week, wipe down the interior walls and shelves with a mild soap and water solution. Be sure to rinse away all soap residue before putting food back into the fridge. It’s also a good idea to empty out your fridge entirely every few months and give it a thorough cleaning. This will help prevent mold and bacteria from buildup up inside your fridge.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your refrigerator in proper working order for years to come. Keeping your coils clean and free of dust will help ensure that your fridge runs efficiently, while regularly cleaning the interior will help prevent mold and bacteria growth. So don’t wait—start cleaning those coils today.

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